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How to stir fry broccoli with purple onion

119. Simple and healthy recipe: Chinese stir fried red onion with broccoli (V)

This is a recipe from my dad — he has been very supportive, since I started writing this blog. This is a beautiful and healthy dish, simply stir fried red onion with broccoli. My dad has always been very conscious with ‘healthy food’, ha… probably you already heard me talking about this a few times. [...]

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102. Cooking homemade tofu

102. Cooking homemade tofu

  Ok, yesterday, after the whole process of making soya milk, and after drinking homemade soya milk and cleaning up, did you notice there is something left there? — I call it ‘left over’ crushed soya beans. I hope you haven’t thrown it away yet, as it is still useful — we are not wasting [...]

95. Healthy recipe: Chinese bitter gourd omelette (V)

95. Healthy recipe: Chinese bitter gourd omelette (V)

  Chinese bitter gourd omelette We are really starting tasting winter now — it is getting cold. My parents told me that back in my hometown, they are getting heavy snow, the first heavy snow for this winter. On the way back from city centre this afternoon, I even wished if I had a pair [...]

Heathy ingredient: Bitter gourd

Heathy ingredient: Bitter gourd

  Bitter gourd Couple of weeks ago, when we were shopping in the market where we normally go, I saw bitter gourds. Since they are difficult to find, I decided to buy some, and make a few healthy dishes with them. Before sharing the recipes here, I thought it would be good to talk about [...]

Chinese healthy recipe with celery and almond

89. Healthy Chinese recipe: stir fried celery and almond (V)

Chinese stir fried celery and almond After staying indoors the whole day, in the afternoon, around 4.15pm, I decided to pack my sport wear and go to gym. According to the weather forecast, sun set would be at around 4.06pm, so I thought I would be walking in the ‘dark’. However, when I stepped out, [...]

Simple Chinese recipe with black fungus, celery and lily's bulb

56. Stir fried Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (part II)

  Chinese stir fried lily bulbs 养生菜:清炒木耳、西芹、百合 Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (Vegetarian) Ok, the actual recipe from yesterday’s ‘healthy theory’. :)) As said in the previous post, stir fried Lily bulbs, black fungus (Mu’er) and celery is one of the popularly recommended ‘Yangsheng cai’ or ‘Shi liao’ (healthy-life food or ‘healing’ food) in [...]

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