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How to make fried tofu balls at home

133. Chinese tofu balls (V)

炸豆腐丸子 I had a terrible dream, woke up from nightmare this morning. All my dream was about  the future, well, more like, to have a direction towards a career. But in the dream, all I could see was a dark circle, where I could not see anything further, there was no ‘further’ anyway. So I [...]

Tofu recipe stir fried with rice

117. A rice recipe: Chinese Tofu fried rice (Vegan)

  Sorry for not posting lately. Saying I have been a bit busy and lazy is a good excuse? Ha… well, apparently, there is a problem with google, where this blog is hosted, so I got a bit discouraged. Sorry… And now we are trying to come up with our solution to sort out the [...]

How to stir fry broccoli with purple onion

119. Simple and healthy recipe: Chinese stir fried red onion with broccoli (V)

This is a recipe from my dad — he has been very supportive, since I started writing this blog. This is a beautiful and healthy dish, simply stir fried red onion with broccoli. My dad has always been very conscious with ‘healthy food’, ha… probably you already heard me talking about this a few times. [...]

How to stir fry bok choy with sausage at home

116. Chinese stir fried bok choy with (vegetarian) sausage (V)

Sorry, this recipe should have been posted yesterday, but yesterday I … :)) Yesterday, the weather was surprisingly good in Oxford. In the afternoon, the sun was shining. I could feel the mild wind blowing in my face, and when I passed by a building with a nice beautiful front garden, the smell of jasmine [...]

Chinese egg pancake recipe

115. Chinese Overlapped egg pancakes

Yesterday, when I was browsing online, by a chance, I came across an article about Chinese food in the ‘Independent’, which, to be honest, was rather disappointing. Well, I mean, Chinese cuisine is very difficult to describe in a few words, or even in a short article. There are huge regional and ethnic differences, not [...]

How to stir fry shredded-potato at home with simple Chinese recipe

113. Stir-fried shredded potato (V)

As I said yesterday, tomorrow will be Spring Day in Chinese calendar — it means that spring is coming eventually, and hope that this coldness is so over! — How good! :)) As a celebration for the upcoming spring, in China, we normally have special food —- spring pancake. It is just a very very [...]

how to make simple crispy aubergine

108. Chinese crispy fried aubergine (V)

> Simple homemade crispy aubergine 炸茄排 Cold, cold!! This morning, when I opened the blinds, the grass and the trees, even the walls in the garden were all covered by a layer of frost — it reminded me of a winter back my home town just after snow, light snow. But the sun was out, [...]

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102. Cooking homemade tofu

102. Cooking homemade tofu

  Ok, yesterday, after the whole process of making soya milk, and after drinking homemade soya milk and cleaning up, did you notice there is something left there? — I call it ‘left over’ crushed soya beans. I hope you haven’t thrown it away yet, as it is still useful — we are not wasting [...]

how to cook broccoli with simple Chinese recipe

98. A contemporary Chinese broccoli recipe: steamed broccoli (V)

  Chinese broccoli recipe My love towards broccoli actually only started in very recent years.  Well, broccoli was only introduced in northern Chinese cuisine less than twenty years ago anyway. But if I tell you this, you are going to laugh. It all started the time — you know, the time you begin to think [...]

94. The famous Chinese Tofu Dish- Mapo Tofu (V)

94. The famous Chinese Tofu Dish- Mapo Tofu (V)

  Chinese Mapo Tofu I have never been an early bird, so I always miss the morning freshness, and at this time of the year, the morning chilliness as well. This morning, I had to get up relatively early, I could almost feel the winter just there — outside the window. Our bathroom windows are [...]

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