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How to make northeast Chinese hot and sour clear soup

114. Hot and sour soup — Northeast Chinese style (V)

  … Eventually the long Chinese new year celebration is finished. I bet everyone in China is taking a break from all the cooking, eating, visiting, shopping… And the ashes from fireworks are being cleaned up — I always find it bit sad when I see this, just like I don’t really like gatherings, because [...]

how to cook beef with aubergine stew Chinese recipe

100. A typical Northeast Chinese dish: “mess stew” with beef, tomato, aubergine and potato

  As I was writing this post,  I realized that this my 100th recipe. :) I remember when I started writing, I was very worried if I was going to run out of recipes very shortly, but, hey, this is the number 100 now. :)) So thanks for my friends’ and family’s encouragement, and hope [...]

How to cook simple Chinese stir fry egg and tomato recipe

79. Chinese stir fried egg and tomato

Chinese stir fried egg and tomato Stir frying egg together with other ingredients is very common all across China. As I mentioned in my previous post (common ingredient: eggs), (chicken) eggs can be stir fried on their own, with different vegetables, or with certain kinds of fish and meat. I like the combination of egg [...]

69. Northeast Chinese soup with eggs, tomato and seaweed (V)

Chinese tomato and egg soup I woke up from a very weird dream this morning. In the dream, my memory only stopped in a ‘blur’ period around university time, I could not remember anything after that, what happened or even who I was. In my dream, people sat around me, asked me what I did, [...]

How to stir fry potato, green pepper and tomato at home with simple Chinese recipe

6. Chinese recipe: Hong Lu Deng (stir fry potato, green pepper, tomato)

红绿灯 Chinese stir fried potato, green pepper and tomato Chinese hong lu deng Ha, ha… If I tell you the meaning of this dish in Chinese, you are going to laugh…. :)) Hong Lv Deng literally means ‘green and red light’ (Hong as red, Lu as green, and deng as light), it normally refers to [...]

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