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94. The famous Chinese Tofu Dish- Mapo Tofu (V)

94. The famous Chinese Tofu Dish- Mapo Tofu (V)

  Chinese Mapo Tofu I have never been an early bird, so I always miss the morning freshness, and at this time of the year, the morning chilliness as well. This morning, I had to get up relatively early, I could almost feel the winter just there — outside the window. Our bathroom windows are [...]

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Which tofu is suitable for Chinese cooking?

Which tofu is suitable for Chinese cooking?

I have talked to a friend the other day about tofu. Well, actually, we started talking about Waitrose’s food, and about the store located in Oxford. Honestly, we rarely shop in Waitrose; first, because we tend to support local markets, and we can get better prices and more varieties of food, and second because the tofu [...]

how to cook Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Chinese recipe

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu (V)

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Opened the blinds this morning, autumn has spread the whole yard, yellow and red leaves are covering the whole walls and the grass — how beautiful! Although there was no sun, the red, yellow, orange and green (yes, there is still a little green colour left) colour are composing a [...]

73. Stir fried Japanese tofu and broccoli (V)

73. Stir fried Japanese tofu and broccoli (V)

Japanese tofu and broccoli The hotel we stay is in a residential area of Verona. When we make our way to city centre everyday, we need to go through a few streets with a local cinema, a few local primary and middle schools, and a convent where we can often see some monks and nuns [...]

how to cook dried bean curd Simple Chinese recipe

62. Stir fried dried bean curd with green pepper

  Chinese stir fried bean curd 青椒炒素鸡/豆腐干 After weeks of my mother-in-law’s most delicious Spanish food, we came back to Oxford, and back our normal life. ‘What should we eat?’ Having no need to cook for such a long time, I ran out of cooking ideas. “Tofu, then.” – We almost said at the same [...]

How to cook tofu with spinach filling simple Chinese recipe

51. Chinese ‘guo ta’ tofu with spinach filling

  Chinese tofu with spinach 锅塌豆腐 I made this dish totally by chance, but as for the result — I am quite proud of myself — I turned a meat dish into a nice vegetarian dish.:)) The original recipe is called Guo ta dou fu … difficult to translate into English… ‘Guo Ta’ is a [...]

How to home make tofu simple Chinese recipe

48. Chinese home made tofu with sauce

豆腐脑 -鸡蛋卤 Making tofu at home The first part of this recipe is like making tofu at home yourself! How exciting! The first time I saw this package (actually in Japanese) in a shop I picked it up immediately without second thoughts, and placed it into my shopping basket.:)) Although the package says that the [...]

simple Chinese recipe tofu salad

37. Chinese spring onion and tofu salad

It actually should be called super quick fix, it is a liang cai dish, no need to fry, stir fry… nothing. :) —————– Paris has been so beautiful, but we have not been very lucky with the weather, only on our way back, the sun started shining out, and the weather got warmer, like the [...]

How to make Chinese dried bean curd recipe

34. Chinese dried bean curd salad (liang cai)

  拌干豆腐丝 According to the forecast, the weather in Oxford could reach today 22 degrees!! I am so looking forward, cannot wait to be in the sun. I am Leo, without sun, I don’t function. :)) So today’s dish is a salad- perfect for this weather. :)) Chinese dried beancurd Dried bean curd sheet is [...]

How to cook soy beans simple Chinese recipe

27. Chinese stir fried soy beans with tofu and carrot

Chinese stir fried soy beans 素炒黄豆 This is definitely a protein boost recipe (see the posting on Soy beans). As I mentioned in a  the previous posting, whenever we are having a vegetarian dinner I would always prepare a dish with soya in it (soya beans or tofu, for example), so this is one of [...]

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