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How to cook simple sweet and sour fish at home with simple Chinese recipe

55. Chinese sweet and sour fish (northeast style)

Sweet and sour fish 糖醋鱼 I know I have mentioned the “sweet and sour taste” many times, but I am not very much used to the real Cantonese style “sweet and sour” sauce — a bit too sweet for me. (Well, not much of a surprise, I don’t even like to have sugar in my [...]

how to cook beef mince ball in sweet and sour sauce Chinese recipe

24. Chinese sweet and sour mince balls

Chinese sweet and sour mince balls 糖醋丸子 This is another Chinese meat dish I like to make and eat from time to time. It does take a little bit time to prepare, but not too long though, and it is still considered as a ‘homey’ dish, as in restaurants you can usually find a more [...]

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Chinese sweet and sour (vinegar and sugar)

Chinese sweet and sour (vinegar and sugar)

Before you completely get bored of me saying ‘add vinegar, then sugar’, I think I’d better talk about it first. :)) Couple of years ago, when I had to go back to Manchester every week, a really nice friend put me up for the night, as return, (and if I wasn’t lazy), I would cook [...]

How make Chinese crispy beef recipe at home

5. Chinese crispy beef (Guo bao rou)

Chinese crispy beef 锅包肉 This is our version of Sweet and sour crispy beef – a weekend dish.   Actually, a little bit late for the weekend dish now… sorry, probably next weekend? Saying it is a weekend dish is because it will take a little more time, 10 mins more – probably? :)) and [...]

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