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How to make adame beans Chinese recipe

33. Chinese five spice adame beans

  五香毛豆   Summer! Summer! But today, there was no sun shining into my room to wake me up from the disturbing dreams… I got up, opened the curtain, grey, grey… the wind and the rain even seemed not that annoying any more, just the colour, the grey colour. I wish I could use a [...]

How to make green bean starch salad Chinese recipe

Chinese green bean starch salad (liang cai)

(凉拌拉皮) Chinese green bean starch A friend requested this recipe — actually I am very surprised and glad that almost every friend who tried this dish really liked it. Friends have been asking about this for a long time, but I have been lazy, sorry… :)) Chinese green bean starch salad It is an other [...]

How to cook home made noodles with Chinese recipe

11. Chinese home made noodles: Da Lu Mian

Chinese da lu mian 打卤面 …. :)) I have a secret nick name given by my deeply beloved auntie – “noodle queen”. ha… It shows how much I love Chinese noodles , and how many of them I can eat. If you let me start talking about how many types of Chinese noodles there are [...]

Simple Chinese salad recipe with black fungus, cucumber and peanuts

8. Chinese vegetarian recipe: Black fungus and cucumber salad

– Liang cai: Mu’er (black fungus)  & Huanggua (cucumber) 凉菜:木耳拌黄瓜 Chinese black fungus salad I was born in late July, the hottest time in Northeast China, love the sun and the hot, I mean really hot weather. ( At least, I think this the reason why.:)))  When I was in China, every summer, everyone would [...]

Chinese salad recipe with tofu and spinach

2 Chinese Tofu and spinach salad (liang cai)

  Chinese tofu and spinach salad 菠菜拌豆腐 It really feels like summer is here now … let’s pretend that we don’t know the forecast for next week yet. :)) Sunny and warm is lasting forever… People are taking a stroll followed by their own shadow, I can almost see the colour of shadow in Impressionist [...]

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