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how to make courgette salad at home

73. Chinese Courgette salad recipe

  Chinese courgette salad Verona I think it was only since I came to Europe that I learned how to appreciate history — the history written on the surfaces of ancient roads, hundreds years old buildings, and thousands years old, yet still functioning theaters… It is true China has over five thousands years history, but [...]

How to make aubergine potato with Chinese recipe

72. Chinese Steamed aubergine and potato mixed with soybean paste (V)

Chinese steamed aubergine with potato and soybean paste 酱拌茄子、土豆 What a surprise — summer came back for one more week, just when I already accepted that autumn is starting!! We thought we were coming to Italy for an extended summer, :)) but could not predict that Oxford would become so warm in the end of [...]

How to make Chinese mung bean and white rice recipe

60. Chinese rice with mung beans (mung bean rice)

  — Actually, in Chinese, when referring to ‘having a meal’ (dinner/breakfast/lunch), we always say ‘Chi Fan’, Chi as ‘eat’, and Fan in this context means food, but if by itself, Fan only means ‘rice’. Normally, a meal is composed by two parts – Fan and Cai. Fan is the stable food, normally only refers [...]

how to make Chinese bean sprouts salad Chinese recipe

59. Chinese bean sprouts salad (liang cai)

  Bean Sprout Salad Waved good-bye to the mediterranean sun and heat, we quickly dived into another kind of summer… Grandpa called last night, asked, ‘it has been the hottest two days since you left, how about there?’ I told him it has been a bit cold for summer days in Oxford, he laughed, ‘how [...]

52. Chinese salad (liang cai): seaweed with garlic

52. Chinese salad (liang cai): seaweed with garlic

凉拌海带 How spoilt I am here in Spain by the seaside! And I am totally following Spanish eating habits and lifestyle — get up in the morning, having light breakfast, then go down to swim in the sea; come back for lunch, my mother-in-law already prepared some typical Spanish rice or soup dish, which have [...]

how to make Chinese noodles at home with soybean paste

50. Chinese noodle recipe: soy bean paste mixed noodles / zha jiang mian

Chinese soy bean paste mixed noodles 炸酱面 Please forgive me if I have been mentioning hot summer too much, Spanish summer is so irresistible to me. It is not only because I always like hot, sunny summer weather, but also this hot air in the day and nice gentle summer evenings all remind me the [...]

how to cook shredded potato with simple Chinese recipe

46. Chinese stir-fried shredded potato with green pepper

I just like this time of the day in Spain – early afternoon, everywhere is quiet, not many people in the streets, all the shops are closed for lunch, followed by siesta. After a few streets, you can see some people eating in the small bars. The view in my sight is the leaves ‘dancing’ [...]

How to make Chinese radish salad

44. Chinese radish salad

  I know, I know.. :)) I have been talking about the weather all the time. Many years ago, I was learning English culture when I was still in China, it said in the book that one of the most common topics in England was the weather. I never really took it seriously, until one [...]

simple Chinese recipe tofu salad

37. Chinese spring onion and tofu salad

It actually should be called super quick fix, it is a liang cai dish, no need to fry, stir fry… nothing. :) —————– Paris has been so beautiful, but we have not been very lucky with the weather, only on our way back, the sun started shining out, and the weather got warmer, like the [...]

How to make Chinese dried bean curd recipe

34. Chinese dried bean curd salad (liang cai)

  拌干豆腐丝 According to the forecast, the weather in Oxford could reach today 22 degrees!! I am so looking forward, cannot wait to be in the sun. I am Leo, without sun, I don’t function. :)) So today’s dish is a salad- perfect for this weather. :)) Chinese dried beancurd Dried bean curd sheet is [...]

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