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How to cook black fungus at home simple Chinese recipe

123. Simple Chinese recipe: stir fried black fungus (mu’er) and beef slices

  (Firstly, I am sorry to all the friends who have subscribed to this blog. Because of the change in hosting space, the subscribe link has been broken for some time. Let’s hope we fixed it. ) You know what I have found recently an amazing experience in life is  — feeling a life in you! [...]

How to make Chinese flat bread with spring onion Chinese recipe

77. Chinese flat bread with scallion: Cong You Bing (V)

Chinese Flat bread with scallion 葱油饼 I love flour based food, noodles, all kinds of Chinese ‘bread’ and ‘flat bread’, dumplings, baozi… If one day I am getting really really big, it will be because of the flour. :))) But, I cannot cut it off my diet, so I go to jogging more often… Ha… [...]

How to stir fry sweet corn in Chinese recipe

75. A sweet corn recipe: Chinese stir fried sweet corn and pine nuts

  Chinese stir fried corn and pine nuts 松仁玉米 It sounds funny, I have never been a big fan of sweet corn, but I like it, like to hold it, like to smell it after being grilled. Well, I can’t really have much corn anyway, because my stomach sometimes aches after having it. But, I [...]

How to cook Chinese lamb recipe

64. Stir fried spring onion with lamb slice

  葱爆羊肉 (Cong bao yang rou) Having said I am not a big fan of meat, this lamb dish is one of the very few I really like. – Confused by my statements of what kind of food I like? — I am confused by myself as well. When I try to put down my [...]

how to use spring onion ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking

Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cuisine

    Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking Another common way of stir-frying Northeast Chinese dishes is using the taste of spring onions, ginger and garlic to influence the dishes. If you get into any household in North China, you can easily find these three items on the kitchen shelves. Nowadays, people can [...]

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