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how to make homemade pull noodles Chinese recipe

86. A different kind of Chinese noodles: Flat noodle sheet soup

Chinese “Mian Pian” You know in Chinese, ‘noodles’ are called ‘Mian Tiao’, which is literally translated as ‘flour strips’. This dish is very similar to a regular Chinese noodle soup, but it is called ‘mian pian’, meaning ‘flour sheet’. I am not sure if this recipe originates from North East China, but I have never [...]

Chinese salad recipe with tofu and spinach

2 Chinese Tofu and spinach salad (liang cai)

  Chinese tofu and spinach salad 菠菜拌豆腐 It really feels like summer is here now … let’s pretend that we don’t know the forecast for next week yet. :)) Sunny and warm is lasting forever… People are taking a stroll followed by their own shadow, I can almost see the colour of shadow in Impressionist [...]

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