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How to stir fry aubergine with simple Chinese recipe

125. Aubergine cooked in soybean paste sauce (V)

酱茄子 I guess it is normal that you have to go through changes in life, as different stages of life require different things. I actually like changes … small changes though, like moving around the furnitures in the house, redecorate the rooms, change the style of the cloth by own sewing machine, oh, and changing [...]

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102. Cooking homemade tofu

102. Cooking homemade tofu

  Ok, yesterday, after the whole process of making soya milk, and after drinking homemade soya milk and cleaning up, did you notice there is something left there? — I call it ‘left over’ crushed soya beans. I hope you haven’t thrown it away yet, as it is still useful — we are not wasting [...]

Making soya milk at home

Making soya milk at home

  Soya milk and you tiao These few days, we have been talking about calcium intake.  I am not a big fan of any dairy products, which is a great source of calcium; apart from seafood and green vegetables, my main source of calcium, I think it has got to be — my favorite soy [...]

how to make crispy soyabean snack with Chinese recipe

84. Making Soy beans as snack or as side dish

> Tweet   Chinese soy beans My parents used to always prepare some ‘Chinese snacks’ at home. The quotation mark means — really — it is only me treated them as snacks. As I told you before, my mum did not really approve that we, me and my brother, had any snacks, as they could [...]

Chinese Soybean paste (Huang jiang)

Chinese Soybean paste (Huang jiang)

大酱 Soybean paste is definitely one of those things have a sentimental attachment for Northeast people. Soy beans natively grow in the North Eastern provinces of China, thanks to their rich soil. This kind of paste is called jiang in Chinese, soybean paste is called huang jiang or “da jiang” from the word “huang dou/da [...]

How to make Chinese dried bean curd recipe

34. Chinese dried bean curd salad (liang cai)

  拌干豆腐丝 According to the forecast, the weather in Oxford could reach today 22 degrees!! I am so looking forward, cannot wait to be in the sun. I am Leo, without sun, I don’t function. :)) So today’s dish is a salad- perfect for this weather. :)) Chinese dried beancurd Dried bean curd sheet is [...]

How to make adame beans Chinese recipe

33. Chinese five spice adame beans

  五香毛豆   Summer! Summer! But today, there was no sun shining into my room to wake me up from the disturbing dreams… I got up, opened the curtain, grey, grey… the wind and the rain even seemed not that annoying any more, just the colour, the grey colour. I wish I could use a [...]

How to cook soy beans simple Chinese recipe

27. Chinese stir fried soy beans with tofu and carrot

Chinese stir fried soy beans 素炒黄豆 This is definitely a protein boost recipe (see the posting on Soy beans). As I mentioned in a  the previous posting, whenever we are having a vegetarian dinner I would always prepare a dish with soya in it (soya beans or tofu, for example), so this is one of [...]

soybeans in Chinese food

Chinese Food Made with Soya

Soya in Chinese Cuisine Soya is an important ingredient in Northeast Chinese cuisine. The nutritional properties of soya have been well-studied. If you think that your soya intake is limited to soya beans themselves, soya milk and tofu, you are wrong :) Actually, there are many different kinds of soya-made food products in North China— [...]

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