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how to make wonton soup at home northeast Chinese recipe

36.Won ton and wonton soup!! I (The pastry sheet and fillings)

  For your weekend recipe — Northeast Chinese wonton! About Wontons and Wonton Soup To be honest, before I came to England, I never thought Wonton soup was so well known, and then, I realized that I never knew wonton could be so different in different regions of China.:))) Compare Northeast wonton to Cantonese ones, [...]

how to cook Chinese spicy lamb soup at home

28. Chinese spicy Lamb pot

Chinese spicy lamb pot What a lovely day! In summer, because of the warm weather, I often lose my desire for food (or cooked food more precisely, coz salad / ’liang cai’ is always great).  How about you? I like to have something with a very strong heavy taste to help with my appetite, and … [...]

Culture Note: Chinese soup

  The importance of soups in China Although stir frying is probably the most well-known method in Chinese cooking, you might be surprised what an important role soups play in Chinese cuisine. That is why the ‘typical’ Chinese meal includes four dishes and one soup :). But Chinese soup is almost completely different to Western [...]

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