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139. Xihu niurou geng (‘West lake’ beef soup)

  Ok, I remembered the password eventually! Yeah! Well, with the help from my husband. To be exact, I actually forgot where the login page is, so, of course, the user name and password did not work. Blame my baby brain! You don’t want to know how many things I could simply forget nowadays. So [...]

How to make northeast Chinese hot and sour clear soup

114. Hot and sour soup — Northeast Chinese style (V)

  … Eventually the long Chinese new year celebration is finished. I bet everyone in China is taking a break from all the cooking, eating, visiting, shopping… And the ashes from fireworks are being cleaned up — I always find it bit sad when I see this, just like I don’t really like gatherings, because [...]

how to make Chinese meat mince ball with leaves

109. Chinese soup: Meat balls and Chinese leaves soup

  Chinese soup with meat balls and leaves Normally I would leave this kind of dish for the weekend, but since we are in Chinese new year time, every dish is a ‘weekend’ dish, no? Ha… Just spoil ourselves. And don’t worry about putting on weight, next month, I am thinking of sharing some of [...]

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

  Chinese Ma La Tang Continued from yesterday’s post… When this dish got popular in China, its recipe spread to different regions. It seems, however, that different areas have adopted it differently, probably according to their own local taste. Just like outside China, all the Chinese cuisine has been adapted differently to the taste of [...]

101. Healthy recipe: Chinese lamb and radish soup

101. Healthy recipe: Chinese lamb and radish soup

  Chinese lamb and radish soup As I said yesterday, if you don’t want to make dumplings for winter solstice day, let’s make a healthy lamb soup. :)) It is another most popular dish for entering winter. According to the news,  these days, because of the winter solstice day in China, lamb has become a [...]

how to make homemade pull noodles Chinese recipe

86. A different kind of Chinese noodles: Flat noodle sheet soup

Chinese “Mian Pian” You know in Chinese, ‘noodles’ are called ‘Mian Tiao’, which is literally translated as ‘flour strips’. This dish is very similar to a regular Chinese noodle soup, but it is called ‘mian pian’, meaning ‘flour sheet’. I am not sure if this recipe originates from North East China, but I have never [...]

82. Marrow, prawn and ‘Fen si’ (Cellophane noodles) clear soup

Chinese marrow soup From late autumn in Edinburgh to hot summer in Verona and Venice, to mid autumn Oxford, and now late autumn / almost early winter in Bonn / Cologne; I feel like we are traveling between different seasons rather than between locations. Long winters and summers can be unbearable, but when you travel [...]

A simple traditional Chinese noodle recipe

71. Noodle recipe: A simple traditional Chinese noodle recipe

Traditional Chinese noodles If you have been reading this blog, you certainly won’t be too surprised by my ‘passion’ towards noodles. :)))) For example, last night, I was talking to my husband about our forthcoming traveling plans; if we are staying in an apartment or apartment hotel, where we can cook our own food, I [...]

69. Northeast Chinese soup with eggs, tomato and seaweed (V)

Chinese tomato and egg soup I woke up from a very weird dream this morning. In the dream, my memory only stopped in a ‘blur’ period around university time, I could not remember anything after that, what happened or even who I was. In my dream, people sat around me, asked me what I did, [...]

how to make Chinese wonton at home

36. Won ton soup (folding, boiling and serving)

Continued from yesterday’s post on Chinese wontons . Hope you are not tired of reading about wonton soup Northeast style… we are only half way through. :) Fun ? :) Folding the wontons I really should call it folding, it is different to wrapping the dumplings . :)) — Place the filling in the middle, [...]

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