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how to make Chinese sweet amber walnuts snack

121. Chinese snack: amber walnuts

琥珀核桃仁   In the morning, when I step out of the hotel, the air is so fresh, mixed with a slightly chili breeze, but the sun is super bright, I have to put on my sun glasses; the streets are busy, people and cars are knitting an interweaved web — the whole city is awake [...]

How to make Chinese style beef jerky at home

118. Chinese snack: dried beef (Chinese style beef jerky)

Rarely stay in London late, and this time, we stayed in a quite central area, so we had chance to experience the late night London. Oh, gosh, how long I haven’t felt this — noise, crowd, flashing colourful lights… After dinner, we decided to go for a walk — well, you cannot resist it anyway, [...]

Chinese Culture note: today is ‘Xiao Nian’ (little new year) !

> Image source:http://photo.xinzhou.org/2009/0118/picture_1161_5.html   Image source:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1376530070 As I said yesterday, today all the Chinese new year celebrations are starting!! In Chinese, today is called ‘Xiao Nian’, which literally means ‘little new year’. It should probably be called ‘pre-new year’ instead. Xiao Nian normally happens 7 days before Chinese new year day; however, different regions, and even different [...]

92. Chinese snack: Five spices monkey nuts

92. Chinese snack: Five spices monkey nuts

Chinese monkey nuts Wow, everywhere is Christmas atmosphere already — actually a month ago, Christmas already stretched its first step. In the shops, even gym, Christmas songs are already calling people’s festival spirit; the big windows are already decorated with snow flakes, and the shops have started selling Christmas goods — Christmas pudding, Christmas pie, [...]

how to make crispy soyabean snack with Chinese recipe

84. Making Soy beans as snack or as side dish

> Tweet   Chinese soy beans My parents used to always prepare some ‘Chinese snacks’ at home. The quotation mark means — really — it is only me treated them as snacks. As I told you before, my mum did not really approve that we, me and my brother, had any snacks, as they could [...]

Chinese culture and food mid autumn day

Culture note: Typical Mid Autumn Day food — Moon Cake

(Image source:http://www.lecaitt.com.cn/tuangou/detail_82287/) If there is one single thing you definitely must eat in Mid Autumn Day, that would be Chinese Moon Cake. A mid autumn day celebration without moon cake is not such. Chinese Moon Cake Moon cake in Chinese is called “Yue bing” (Yue as moon, bing – I have mentioned a few times [...]

Chinese culture Chinese snacks

Chinese snacks

  image source ‘http://www.88695.com/list.asp?ProdId=05627′ … Well, I grew up with my mum saying, ‘no, no snacking now, you are going to have your main meal later’ – of course, she said in Chinese with mum’s ‘strict’ tone. But today, I am talking about those snacks I grew up with, with all the ‘growing up’ memories. [...]

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