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69. Northeast Chinese soup with eggs, tomato and seaweed (V)

Chinese tomato and egg soup I woke up from a very weird dream this morning. In the dream, my memory only stopped in a ‘blur’ period around university time, I could not remember anything after that, what happened or even who I was. In my dream, people sat around me, asked me what I did, [...]

52. Chinese salad (liang cai): seaweed with garlic

52. Chinese salad (liang cai): seaweed with garlic

凉拌海带 How spoilt I am here in Spain by the seaside! And I am totally following Spanish eating habits and lifestyle — get up in the morning, having light breakfast, then go down to swim in the sea; come back for lunch, my mother-in-law already prepared some typical Spanish rice or soup dish, which have [...]

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