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how to make Chinese seafood dumplings

47. Chinese seafood dumpling fillings

I am seriously recommending this fresh seafood chinese dumpling filling — if you like seafood! It was only just a try, but came out so tasty! I know I have talked about the san xian filling already, which is normally made with prawns, eggs and garlic chives. Chinese dumplings with seafood fillings This time, however, [...]

how to cook aubergine with seafood with Chinese recipe

9. Chinese stir fried Aubergine and seafood

Chinese aubergine and seafood (/meat free mince for V option) (Haixian qiezi) 海鲜茄子 Love aubergine, all kinds of ways of cooking it. :) We normally do shopping for fruit and vegetables in a small market in North Oxford on Saturdays; the sellers already know us well, and they always give us very good ‘offers’. Last [...]

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