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How to make sorghum rice with Chinese recipe

130. Summer rice recipe: sorghum rice

高粱米饭   I am definitely a ‘worrier’ — a typical, you know, ‘that kind of ‘ person, who thinks too much and worries about things that one should never need to worry about. Although I have been trying to keep it under control, it does come as ‘waves’, sometimes it comes stronger and lasts longer, [...]

How to make simple Chinese rice wrap

124. Chinese rice wrapped with lotus leaves

If I say that I have been so unlucky lately, my darling husband and brother will strongly object, as they would say, that is life, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you would come cross problems, when you are lucky, you enjoy it; when you are not, you deal with the problems then get on with [...]

Tofu recipe stir fried with rice

117. A rice recipe: Chinese Tofu fried rice (Vegan)

  Sorry for not posting lately. Saying I have been a bit busy and lazy is a good excuse? Ha… well, apparently, there is a problem with google, where this blog is hosted, so I got a bit discouraged. Sorry… And now we are trying to come up with our solution to sort out the [...]

107. The simplest and most basic: egg fried rice

> Chinese egg fried rice Some friends have already asked me a few times about rice recipes. Some Chinese rice recipes simply combine rice with other grains, like mung beans; but most of the times, rice is stir-fried (an example is the famous Yangzhou fried rice). And all these fried rice dishes originate from the most [...]

How to make Chinese mung bean and white rice recipe

60. Chinese rice with mung beans (mung bean rice)

  — Actually, in Chinese, when referring to ‘having a meal’ (dinner/breakfast/lunch), we always say ‘Chi Fan’, Chi as ‘eat’, and Fan in this context means food, but if by itself, Fan only means ‘rice’. Normally, a meal is composed by two parts – Fan and Cai. Fan is the stable food, normally only refers [...]

29. Zongzi for Chinese DuanWu festival

29. Zongzi for Chinese DuanWu festival

Chinese zongzi Happy Duanwu Festival!!  端午节快乐!! ---包粽子 Chinese Zongzi Have you got the ‘five coloured thread’ already? — Juat for the good luck, maybe? :)) Continue from yesterday — making Zongzi today — to feel the involvement of the festival. I have to say — it is really not easy to make it, and sometimes [...]

How to make Chinese boiled plain rice

Rice and making boiled rice

Rice in Chinese cuisine Since rice has been the main stable food in Chinese diet for over 5000 years, I think it is an unavoidable topic, :)) especially, given that a few friends have asked me many times how to make boiled rice – without a rice cooker. Rice production in China is massive, well, [...]

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