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Having Chinese hot pot at home

112. Chinese hot-pot!! (part I)

> – A culture note as well as a recipe Chinese hot pot image source:http://www.tupian99.com/show-4-79-fd9e9e387fea0bb3.html Happy (black) dragon year on the 4th day!! The festival atmosphere seems calming down a bit already over here in Oxford, but back in China, it is still everywhere. My parents over there have been very busy with visiting relatives [...]

How to make steamed Chinese dumplings with marrow, prawns and eggs

111. Steamed dumplings with marrow, prawns, egg and Fensi filling

> steamed dumpling with marrow filling Happy new year!! After three continuous ‘culture notes’ on Chinese new year, let’s come back to talk some ‘real’ stuff — food! :)) As dumpling is the most popular ‘must-have’ food during the Chinese new year celebration, I would like to share more dumpling recipes. However, this recipe is [...]

110. Simple recipe: Chinese stir fried garlic bolt with tofu and carrot

> Chinese stir fried garlic bolt with tofu A ‘late night’ recipe. :))) Well, at least, it is late over here in England. And I only just started writing today’s post. What have I been doing the whole day? I blame time passes too fast. A bit reading, a bit housework, a bit writing, a [...]

how to make Chinese meat mince ball with leaves

109. Chinese soup: Meat balls and Chinese leaves soup

  Chinese soup with meat balls and leaves Normally I would leave this kind of dish for the weekend, but since we are in Chinese new year time, every dish is a ‘weekend’ dish, no? Ha… Just spoil ourselves. And don’t worry about putting on weight, next month, I am thinking of sharing some of [...]

how to make simple crispy aubergine

108. Chinese crispy fried aubergine (V)

> Simple homemade crispy aubergine 炸茄排 Cold, cold!! This morning, when I opened the blinds, the grass and the trees, even the walls in the garden were all covered by a layer of frost — it reminded me of a winter back my home town just after snow, light snow. But the sun was out, [...]

107. The simplest and most basic: egg fried rice

> Chinese egg fried rice Some friends have already asked me a few times about rice recipes. Some Chinese rice recipes simply combine rice with other grains, like mung beans; but most of the times, rice is stir-fried (an example is the famous Yangzhou fried rice). And all these fried rice dishes originate from the most [...]

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

  Chinese Ma La Tang Continued from yesterday’s post… When this dish got popular in China, its recipe spread to different regions. It seems, however, that different areas have adopted it differently, probably according to their own local taste. Just like outside China, all the Chinese cuisine has been adapted differently to the taste of [...]

106. Hot and spicy pot (Vegetarian Ma la tang) I

106. Hot and spicy pot (Vegetarian Ma la tang) I

  Chinese Ma La Tang   After weeks of my mother-in-law’s amazing Spanish food, I started cooking myself again. You know what, I found myself panicking a bit, also with a little bit memory loss — I could not remember where the things are in our own kitchen. — How much I have been spoiled [...]

How to make Chinese flat bread with beef mince fillings featured Chinese recipe

105. Chinese bakery recipe: ‘open mouth’ flat bread with fillings

  Chinese flatbread Having a very warm Christmas and new years seems unreal — here is Valencia! In the morning, when I opened the curtains, the whole window was filled with blue colour, blue from the sky, not even a thread of cloud, and underneath, the buildings and streets are all brighting up in the [...]

104. Fried fish ball with Chinese leaves salad

104. Fried fish ball with Chinese leaves salad

  Fried fish balls with Chinese leaves I still cannot believe that we are in the ‘new’ year already! A few years ago, then I was still struggling with my PhD, probably it was my first or second year, once I was talking to my supervisor, I could not remember why we started talking about [...]

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