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How to make sorghum rice with Chinese recipe

130. Summer rice recipe: sorghum rice

高粱米饭   I am definitely a ‘worrier’ — a typical, you know, ‘that kind of ‘ person, who thinks too much and worries about things that one should never need to worry about. Although I have been trying to keep it under control, it does come as ‘waves’, sometimes it comes stronger and lasts longer, [...]

How to make simple Chinese rice wrap

124. Chinese rice wrapped with lotus leaves

If I say that I have been so unlucky lately, my darling husband and brother will strongly object, as they would say, that is life, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you would come cross problems, when you are lucky, you enjoy it; when you are not, you deal with the problems then get on with [...]

How to stir fry bok choy with sausage at home

116. Chinese stir fried bok choy with (vegetarian) sausage (V)

Sorry, this recipe should have been posted yesterday, but yesterday I … :)) Yesterday, the weather was surprisingly good in Oxford. In the afternoon, the sun was shining. I could feel the mild wind blowing in my face, and when I passed by a building with a nice beautiful front garden, the smell of jasmine [...]

Chinese egg pancake recipe

115. Chinese Overlapped egg pancakes

Yesterday, when I was browsing online, by a chance, I came across an article about Chinese food in the ‘Independent’, which, to be honest, was rather disappointing. Well, I mean, Chinese cuisine is very difficult to describe in a few words, or even in a short article. There are huge regional and ethnic differences, not [...]

How to make northeast Chinese hot and sour clear soup

114. Hot and sour soup — Northeast Chinese style (V)

  … Eventually the long Chinese new year celebration is finished. I bet everyone in China is taking a break from all the cooking, eating, visiting, shopping… And the ashes from fireworks are being cleaned up — I always find it bit sad when I see this, just like I don’t really like gatherings, because [...]

Chinese thin bread for having fillings

Culture Note: Spring Day in China and spring flatbread recipe

  立春 和 春饼的做法 Spring Day is one of the twenty-four “solar terms” in Chinese tradition. It is called ‘Li Chun’, ‘Li’ (4) in traditional Chinese terms means ‘begin’, ‘Chun’ here refers to Spring. It means from this day onwards, the spring is beginning. It is normally on the 4th February each year. Sorry, this [...]

How to stir fry shredded-potato at home with simple Chinese recipe

113. Stir-fried shredded potato (V)

As I said yesterday, tomorrow will be Spring Day in Chinese calendar — it means that spring is coming eventually, and hope that this coldness is so over! — How good! :)) As a celebration for the upcoming spring, in China, we normally have special food —- spring pancake. It is just a very very [...]

Chinese hot pot recipe

112. Chinese hot-pot! (part IV)

  :)) Promise this is going to be the last Chinese hot-pot post. But you see, we really eat a lot!! Ha… Here you go, it continues from yesterday. Vegetables: Well, vegetables here really just refers to those green leaves, because other vegetables might take longer time to cook, and simply boiling them probably cannot [...]

112. Chinese hot-pot (part III)

> —- What can you cook and eat in the hot-pot? It seems these posts about hot-pot are taking me quite a long time, just like actually eating it. :)) Here you go, another continued post, this time it is about what to ‘cook’ (or ‘rinse’/shuan) in the pot. In general, most kinds of meat, [...]

112. Chinese Hot-pot! (part II)

112. Chinese Hot-pot! (part II)

> — Making the soup base at home So the first 5 days of the Chinese new year celebration have officially finished. Now, until the15th of January in Chinese calendar, people’s greetings are changing from ‘Happy new year’ to ‘how was your new year?’ Or for some people still haven’t wished the ‘happy new year’ [...]

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