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How to cook squid with celery at home with simple Chinese recipe

76. Chinese stir fried baby squid and celery (spicy)

Chinese stir fried squid …I don’t know how “authentic” this recipe really is. It is probably just ‘my’ recipe :)). I have always liked this way of cooking squid, never remembered where I learned it from. Before writing this post, however, I quickly checked up online, and asked my dad — no, I could not [...]

how to cook dried bean curd Simple Chinese recipe

62. Stir fried dried bean curd with green pepper

  Chinese stir fried bean curd 青椒炒素鸡/豆腐干 After weeks of my mother-in-law’s most delicious Spanish food, we came back to Oxford, and back our normal life. ‘What should we eat?’ Having no need to cook for such a long time, I ran out of cooking ideas. “Tofu, then.” – We almost said at the same [...]

How to stir fry Chinese black fungus recipe

56. Stir fred Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (Part 1)

These days in Spain, I totally fell in love with the food that my in-laws prepare. For lunch, my lovely mother-in-law would make different kinds of traditional rice dish (I eat until I couldn’t move :)) — I have been meaning to learn, but I got lost in all the ingredients she puts in, so [...]

How to cook asparagus with simple Chinese recipe

45. Chinese stir fried scrambled eggs with asparagus

鸡蛋芦笋 Scrambled eggs in Chinese cooking … Eventually coming to talk about scrambled eggs in a ‘real’ Chinese dish. Well, in Chinese, scrambled eggs are called ‘chao jidan he’, or ‘ji dan chao… ‘, both mean stir fried eggs with something else :)) As I mentioned in my about eggs in Chinese cuisine , stir [...]

How to stir fry aubergine Chinese recipe

43. Chinese stir fried shredded aubergine

  I was just thinking to start my whole Chinese food summer recipes, but, today… cloudy, raining, no sun… :( I just try to think it is summer cloud, summer rain — then, it is romantic to have days like this in hot summer, no? :)))  Today, it is another aubergine dish — if you [...]

how to stir fry beansprouts with simple Chinese recipe

23. Chinese stir fried bean sprouts

Chinese stir fried bean sprouts 炒豆芽菜 Honestly, I have never been a big fan of bean sprouts, well, but given my ‘picky’ past, you are not surprised. Chinese spring pancakes I did know, however, that I had to eat bean sprouts at least once per year on the 4th of February, which is ‘Spring Day’ [...]

How to make simple Chinese egg pancake at home (savory)

22. Chinese egg made flat bread (Ji Dan Bing)

  Chinese egg pancake 鸡蛋饼 Every time mentioning or cooking ‘Jidan bing’ always, always makes me think of my deeply be loved auntie. And that day a few years ago, when I was very sick and sad lying in bed, didn’t want to eat anything, after rejecting all the food she suggested, she went back [...]

how to cook Chinese leaves with simple Chinese recipe

19. Stir fried Chinese leaves with vinegar and sugar

—–tangcubaicai (糖醋白菜) Sweet and sour chinese leaves Sweet and sour Chinese leaves Did I mention that ‘sweet and sour’ dishes in Northeast China are actually called ‘vinegar and sugar’? Ha… This is one of that ‘vinegar and sugar’ dishes, but with a spicy touch. It is a very traditional dish in North Chinese cuisine — [...]

how to cook broccoli, cauliflower Chinese recipe

4. Chinese Stir fried cauliflower and broccoli

Chinese stir fried cauliflower and broccoli 炒菜花、西兰花 A friend mentioned about me cooking Chinese vegan food :)) … well, lots to come… Couple of days ago, I was too lazy to move out from the sofa, until dinner time came, I got left with very little time to prepare, so I did a ‘quick fix’ :), [...]

Chinese salad recipe with tofu and spinach

2 Chinese Tofu and spinach salad (liang cai)

  Chinese tofu and spinach salad 菠菜拌豆腐 It really feels like summer is here now … let’s pretend that we don’t know the forecast for next week yet. :)) Sunny and warm is lasting forever… People are taking a stroll followed by their own shadow, I can almost see the colour of shadow in Impressionist [...]

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