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how to cook shrimps with simple Chinese recipe

134. Chinese soft fried shrimps

Busy, busy… I have been ‘sort of’ really busy with packing, since we have to move house. But saying ‘busy with packing’ is not really exact, rather, ‘busy with digging and tidying up memories’. There are so many things over the years have been kept at the bottom of the drawers, cards, letters, pictures, small [...]

How to make steamed Chinese dumplings with marrow, prawns and eggs

111. Steamed dumplings with marrow, prawns, egg and Fensi filling

> steamed dumpling with marrow filling Happy new year!! After three continuous ‘culture notes’ on Chinese new year, let’s come back to talk some ‘real’ stuff — food! :)) As dumpling is the most popular ‘must-have’ food during the Chinese new year celebration, I would like to share more dumpling recipes. However, this recipe is [...]

82. Marrow, prawn and ‘Fen si’ (Cellophane noodles) clear soup

Chinese marrow soup From late autumn in Edinburgh to hot summer in Verona and Venice, to mid autumn Oxford, and now late autumn / almost early winter in Bonn / Cologne; I feel like we are traveling between different seasons rather than between locations. Long winters and summers can be unbearable, but when you travel [...]

how to stir fry prawns with simple Chinese recipe

70. Simple stir fried prawns

Stir fried Chinese prawns 清炒虾仁 As if spring came around to Edinburgh again today, the only sign of autumn is the beautiful ‘turning-red’ leaves. It is a nice and strange feeling to experience two seasons at the same time…  Standing on top of the ‘Arthur’s seat’ in Holyrood park, as if we are close to [...]

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 2)

  Chinese Jiu Cai He zi Ok, keep on making ‘Hezi’. (Continued from Chinese recipe: 21. Garlic chives and prawn Northeast Pastry I ) Making the pastry for Jiucai Hezi As mentioned before, the dough is exactly same as dumplings’. Here, we start by making the pastry sheet. The difference between the pastry sheet of [...]

How to make Chinese bakery with garlic chives

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 1)

Chinese garlic chives pastry —  JiuCai He Zi (韭菜合子) If you have read my post ‘Dumpling introduction’, you probably already know that there is another type of  pastry my mum would cook for our family’s Chinese New Year Eve — here it is “He zi”. Again, I am not sure if this kind of pastry [...]

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