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How to cook marrow and potato with Chinese recipe

42. Chinese stir fried marrow and potato

This dish is not so much a quick fix since cooking potato always takes a little bit longer. How strange :) — when you move to a totally different place, food habits can even change, and I am not only saying ‘adjusted to the locals’. When I came to England, there were many kinds of [...]

How to cook potato, green beans at home with simple Chinese recipe

38 Chinese stir fried potato, green beans and carrots

  If the previous tofu salad (liang cai) dish was a ‘super’ quick fix, this one can only be ‘medium’ quick fix. :)) Say around 15 minutes? Chinese “stews” The original version — I mean the very original version,:) is a typical Northeast dish, and the method of making is called ‘Dun’ in Chinese, which is [...]

How to stir fry potato, green pepper and tomato at home with simple Chinese recipe

6. Chinese recipe: Hong Lu Deng (stir fry potato, green pepper, tomato)

红绿灯 Chinese stir fried potato, green pepper and tomato Chinese hong lu deng Ha, ha… If I tell you the meaning of this dish in Chinese, you are going to laugh…. :)) Hong Lv Deng literally means ‘green and red light’ (Hong as red, Lu as green, and deng as light), it normally refers to [...]

how to stir fry potato aubergine and green pepper with simple Chinese recipe

1. Chinese recipe: Di San Xian (Three fresh vegetables)

地三鲜 Chinese Di San Xian Ok, this is the first recipe on this blog: a very popular ‘home’ recipe. :)) It is a veggie dish, in Chinese it is called ‘ Di San Xian’ , literally translated as ‘three fresh vegetable on the ground’. It is a very popular homemade dish in the North East [...]

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