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92. Chinese snack: Five spices monkey nuts

92. Chinese snack: Five spices monkey nuts

Chinese monkey nuts Wow, everywhere is Christmas atmosphere already — actually a month ago, Christmas already stretched its first step. In the shops, even gym, Christmas songs are already calling people’s festival spirit; the big windows are already decorated with snow flakes, and the shops have started selling Christmas goods — Christmas pudding, Christmas pie, [...]

Simple Chinese salad recipe with black fungus, cucumber and peanuts

8. Chinese vegetarian recipe: Black fungus and cucumber salad

– Liang cai: Mu’er (black fungus)  & Huanggua (cucumber) 凉菜:木耳拌黄瓜 Chinese black fungus salad I was born in late July, the hottest time in Northeast China, love the sun and the hot, I mean really hot weather. ( At least, I think this the reason why.:)))  When I was in China, every summer, everyone would [...]

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