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How to grill lamb leg with simple Chinese recipe

40. A Chinese islamic recipe: Oven grilled lamb leg

烤羊腿 As promised, here is the recipe for Chinese grilled lamb , which I made for yesterday’s friends gathering. A few friends have been asking already for some time how I prepare the lamb . Normally for small gatherings, I only make a few lamb chops or leg fillet; however, this time was one of [...]

Simple Chinese fish recipe with oven cooked fish Chinese style

10. Oven cooked fish in Chinese sauce

中国式烤鱼 Fish in Chinese sauce An important dish for a nice long holiday weekend, especially if you are having guests over. :) Cooking fish in China If you have read my earlier post on ‘Stir-fried fish’, you will understand why I say that cooking fish is very important in Chinese custom. When fish is served, [...]

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