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What is the best way to eat instant noodles

Cooking Note: How to cook instant noodles?

  Don’t really trust me saying I like healthy food, and only eat super healthy stuff… There is a bit of a ‘fraud’ in there. Don’t get me wrong, I do have healthy consciousness, but I also like some… let’s say not so healthy food. Here is another confession — I really really really like [...]

how to make homemade pull noodles Chinese recipe

86. A different kind of Chinese noodles: Flat noodle sheet soup

Chinese “Mian Pian” You know in Chinese, ‘noodles’ are called ‘Mian Tiao’, which is literally translated as ‘flour strips’. This dish is very similar to a regular Chinese noodle soup, but it is called ‘mian pian’, meaning ‘flour sheet’. I am not sure if this recipe originates from North East China, but I have never [...]

A simple traditional Chinese noodle recipe

71. Noodle recipe: A simple traditional Chinese noodle recipe

Traditional Chinese noodles If you have been reading this blog, you certainly won’t be too surprised by my ‘passion’ towards noodles. :)))) For example, last night, I was talking to my husband about our forthcoming traveling plans; if we are staying in an apartment or apartment hotel, where we can cook our own food, I [...]

how to make Chinese noodles at home with soybean paste

50. Chinese noodle recipe: soy bean paste mixed noodles / zha jiang mian

Chinese soy bean paste mixed noodles 炸酱面 Please forgive me if I have been mentioning hot summer too much, Spanish summer is so irresistible to me. It is not only because I always like hot, sunny summer weather, but also this hot air in the day and nice gentle summer evenings all remind me the [...]

How to cook home made noodles with Chinese recipe

11. Chinese home made noodles: Da Lu Mian

Chinese da lu mian 打卤面 …. :)) I have a secret nick name given by my deeply beloved auntie – “noodle queen”. ha… It shows how much I love Chinese noodles , and how many of them I can eat. If you let me start talking about how many types of Chinese noodles there are [...]

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