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how to make Chinese meat mince ball with leaves

109. Chinese soup: Meat balls and Chinese leaves soup

  Chinese soup with meat balls and leaves Normally I would leave this kind of dish for the weekend, but since we are in Chinese new year time, every dish is a ‘weekend’ dish, no? Ha… Just spoil ourselves. And don’t worry about putting on weight, next month, I am thinking of sharing some of [...]

How to cook Meat Balls Braised with Brown Sauce Chinese recipe

88. Four-Joy Chinese Meatballs (Meat Balls Braised with Brown Sauce)

Chinese meat balls Another not so simple simple, but very traditional recipe. It seems that I am very hard-working after all. Ha… After having continuously cooked in the kitchen on Friday and Saturday, I have so many recipes to share. :)) I normally cook a lot of vegetable dishes for our daily meals, but since [...]

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