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How to make steamed Chinese dumplings with marrow, prawns and eggs

111. Steamed dumplings with marrow, prawns, egg and Fensi filling

> steamed dumpling with marrow filling Happy new year!! After three continuous ‘culture notes’ on Chinese new year, let’s come back to talk some ‘real’ stuff — food! :)) As dumpling is the most popular ‘must-have’ food during the Chinese new year celebration, I would like to share more dumpling recipes. However, this recipe is [...]

82. Marrow, prawn and ‘Fen si’ (Cellophane noodles) clear soup

Chinese marrow soup From late autumn in Edinburgh to hot summer in Verona and Venice, to mid autumn Oxford, and now late autumn / almost early winter in Bonn / Cologne; I feel like we are traveling between different seasons rather than between locations. Long winters and summers can be unbearable, but when you travel [...]

How to cook marrow and potato with Chinese recipe

42. Chinese stir fried marrow and potato

This dish is not so much a quick fix since cooking potato always takes a little bit longer. How strange :) — when you move to a totally different place, food habits can even change, and I am not only saying ‘adjusted to the locals’. When I came to England, there were many kinds of [...]

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