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How to make steamed beef with simple Chinese recipe

135. Chinese Steamed beef slices

As if everything comes back to what was like before…  Eventually, after a few days of intensively packing, the flat looks empty now, apart from our moving boxes piled up around the corner. All the contents inside are sitting quietly waiting to move with us, where we are going to start new memories.  When we [...]

how to make Chinese spicy beef recipe

126. Chinese boiled beef in (spicy) sauce

水煮牛肉 Our corridor is filled up with ‘moving in’ noise. After our dearest friend Mag moved back to France, her flat was empty for a couple of weeks, then since yesterday, the new neighbors have started moving in. The flat still stays the same, but the people are different now…Talking about changes — no, I [...]

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

Chinese hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II

  Chinese Ma La Tang Continued from yesterday’s post… When this dish got popular in China, its recipe spread to different regions. It seems, however, that different areas have adopted it differently, probably according to their own local taste. Just like outside China, all the Chinese cuisine has been adapted differently to the taste of [...]

How to stir fry lettuce with simple Chinese recipe

41. Chinese spicy stir fried Romaine lettuce

This is a very common dish in northeast China; however, the vegetable used in the original recipe is what we call ‘da tou cai’ (big headed vegetable) as nick name, which is normally considered as a kind of cabbage. :) It looks very similar to the round cabbage that you can find in the markets [...]

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