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101. Healthy recipe: Chinese lamb and radish soup

101. Healthy recipe: Chinese lamb and radish soup

  Chinese lamb and radish soup As I said yesterday, if you don’t want to make dumplings for winter solstice day, let’s make a healthy lamb soup. :)) It is another most popular dish for entering winter. According to the news,  these days, because of the winter solstice day in China, lamb has become a [...]

How to cook dry crispy lamb Chinese recipe

96. Chinese lamb recipe: Dry cooked crispy lamb — Shao yangrou

  Chinese shao yang rou   Hey! Say something cheerful — I had my first ever Christmas turkey last night! I never had Christmas turkey before, as I said that when my friend Zhenya used to cook me Christmas dinner, she knew that I was never a fan of turkey, or any kinds of meat, [...]

how to cook liver simple Chinese recipe

A Chinese liver recipe: Stir fried liver with green pepper and carrots

  Chinese stir fried liver As I have mentioned before, I have never been a big fan of meat or organ meat, but liver is an exception, the only exception. Not only that, there are only two ways of cooking liver that I would happily eat — liver salad and this stir fried liver pieces. [...]

How to cook Chinese lamb recipe

64. Stir fried spring onion with lamb slice

  葱爆羊肉 (Cong bao yang rou) Having said I am not a big fan of meat, this lamb dish is one of the very few I really like. – Confused by my statements of what kind of food I like? — I am confused by myself as well. When I try to put down my [...]

How to grill lamb leg with simple Chinese recipe

40. A Chinese islamic recipe: Oven grilled lamb leg

烤羊腿 As promised, here is the recipe for Chinese grilled lamb , which I made for yesterday’s friends gathering. A few friends have been asking already for some time how I prepare the lamb . Normally for small gatherings, I only make a few lamb chops or leg fillet; however, this time was one of [...]

How to cook Chinese lamb at home simple recipe

32. Chinese lamb pieces on toothpicks (Ya qian rou)

牙签肉   How is the weather where you are? After a night of pouring rain in Oxford, the sun shining through the window again this morning, lighting up the bedroom, and shining through my eye lids — I woke up — in the warm, yellow coloured sun light — just love the day starting like [...]

how to cook Chinese spicy lamb soup at home

28. Chinese spicy Lamb pot

Chinese spicy lamb pot What a lovely day! In summer, because of the warm weather, I often lose my desire for food (or cooked food more precisely, coz salad / ’liang cai’ is always great).  How about you? I like to have something with a very strong heavy taste to help with my appetite, and … [...]

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