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Jiucai (Galic chives)

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How to make Chinese corn flour bread with fillings Chinese recipe

90. A traditional northeast Chinese recipe: steamed corn flour bread with garlic chives filling

Actually, the term ‘bread’ does not quite reflect the original Chinese name. I wonder if there is an easy, more accurate,  translation at all. In Chinese, these are called corn flour ‘tuan zi’, which literally means something like “rolling it up into a ball with fillings in the centre”. In my previous corn flour recipe, I [...]

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 2)

  Chinese Jiu Cai He zi Ok, keep on making ‘Hezi’. (Continued from Chinese recipe: 21. Garlic chives and prawn Northeast Pastry I ) Making the pastry for Jiucai Hezi As mentioned before, the dough is exactly same as dumplings’. Here, we start by making the pastry sheet. The difference between the pastry sheet of [...]

How to make Chinese bakery with garlic chives

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 1)

Chinese garlic chives pastry —  JiuCai He Zi (韭菜合子) If you have read my post ‘Dumpling introduction’, you probably already know that there is another type of  pastry my mum would cook for our family’s Chinese New Year Eve — here it is “He zi”. Again, I am not sure if this kind of pastry [...]

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