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Huntun (wonton)

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how to make Chinese wonton at home

36. Won ton soup (folding, boiling and serving)

Continued from yesterday’s post on Chinese wontons . Hope you are not tired of reading about wonton soup Northeast style‚Ķ we are only half way through. :) Fun ? :) Folding the wontons I really should call it folding, it is different to wrapping the dumplings . :)) — Place the filling in the middle, [...]

how to make wonton soup at home northeast Chinese recipe

36.Won ton and wonton soup!! I (The pastry sheet and fillings)

  For your weekend recipe — Northeast Chinese wonton! About Wontons and Wonton Soup To be honest, before I came to England, I never thought Wonton soup was so well known, and then, I realized that I never knew wonton could be so different in different regions of China.:))) Compare Northeast wonton to Cantonese ones, [...]

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