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Sea kelp (Kombu or Haidai): a healthy Chinese ingredient

Sea kelp (Kombu or Haidai): a healthy Chinese ingredient

the image source:http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/seaveg.htm Hai dai or kelp I don’t really know how to call Hai dai in English. According to Wikipedia, in Japanese it is called Kombu or dashima, in English it is apparently called Laminariaceae, or kelp. In Chinese, Hai dai literally means sea’s belt, because of its shape. :) Hai dai is a [...]

How to make Chinese mung bean and white rice recipe

60. Chinese rice with mung beans (mung bean rice)

  — Actually, in Chinese, when referring to ‘having a meal’ (dinner/breakfast/lunch), we always say ‘Chi Fan’, Chi as ‘eat’, and Fan in this context means food, but if by itself, Fan only means ‘rice’. Normally, a meal is composed by two parts – Fan and Cai. Fan is the stable food, normally only refers [...]

How to stir fry Chinese black fungus recipe

56. Stir fred Lily bulbs, black fungus and celery (Part 1)

These days in Spain, I totally fell in love with the food that my in-laws prepare. For lunch, my lovely mother-in-law would make different kinds of traditional rice dish (I eat until I couldn’t move :)) — I have been meaning to learn, but I got lost in all the ingredients she puts in, so [...]

Chinese black fungus

Black fungus / mu’er– health theory

Oh, London, today, Oxford street was so … crowded, as so many people on the street … ;confusing, as so many road works everywhere…;very colorful, as the signs of Sal’ hanging on almost every window of the shops… ;and I was lost, as many languages floating over my ears, I tried to distinguish them, English, [...]

Chinese health theory: the body heat

Chinese health theory: the body heat

The Chinese Theory of Body Heat It is a very common symptom and very common diagnosis in Chinese medicine — body heat . As I write these two words down, I could almost hear my husband laughing… :( actually, not only him, many other friends (non Chinese) would laugh as well — they really make [...]

Chinese ‘health theory’, heathy eating and recipes

养生菜谱 It has been widely documented that, for the past five thousand years,  Chinese people have been looking for the secrets of health  and medical cure in food. This is not an exaggeration. If we look back in Chinese history,  we will see that in the royal kitchen of all Chinese emperors, there was a [...]

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