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137. Three threads salad (chicken strips salad)

Hey, my first ‘come back’ recipe! Should have posted it earlier, but… have been sick. This stupid winter cold has caught me up, and lasted forever. So, take care, everyone, it is really nasty!! If you are having fever, try some Chinese cold remedy, actually, I have a post here which I wrote long time [...]

how to make simple Chinese summer dish

13. Summer dish: ‘the big harvest’, vegetables dipped in soybean paste (V)

(Sorry to the dear friends who have subscribed the blog, I know the email does not contain the whole content, rather, you have to click and come the site to view the post. The setting I set is for emailing the full content, but it seems that it is not working as expected. I know [...]

How to stir fry aubergine with simple Chinese recipe

125. Aubergine cooked in soybean paste sauce (V)

酱茄子 I guess it is normal that you have to go through changes in life, as different stages of life require different things. I actually like changes … small changes though, like moving around the furnitures in the house, redecorate the rooms, change the style of the cloth by own sewing machine, oh, and changing [...]

How to make simple Chinese rice wrap

124. Chinese rice wrapped with lotus leaves

If I say that I have been so unlucky lately, my darling husband and brother will strongly object, as they would say, that is life, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you would come cross problems, when you are lucky, you enjoy it; when you are not, you deal with the problems then get on with [...]

Another way to cook flat bread

120. Stir fried Chinese flat bread with mixed vegetables (V)

I am so sorry, I didn’t realize that it has been almost two weeks now since I posted last time. Again, ‘laziness’ — would you accept? :)) Another excuse is I have been busy with migrating the blog to the new hosting space. — So what do you think about the new ‘look’? It is [...]

how to cook dried bean curd Simple Chinese recipe

62. Stir fried dried bean curd with green pepper

  Chinese stir fried bean curd 青椒炒素鸡/豆腐干 After weeks of my mother-in-law’s most delicious Spanish food, we came back to Oxford, and back our normal life. ‘What should we eat?’ Having no need to cook for such a long time, I ran out of cooking ideas. “Tofu, then.” – We almost said at the same [...]

how to cook shredded potato with simple Chinese recipe

46. Chinese stir-fried shredded potato with green pepper

I just like this time of the day in Spain – early afternoon, everywhere is quiet, not many people in the streets, all the shops are closed for lunch, followed by siesta. After a few streets, you can see some people eating in the small bars. The view in my sight is the leaves ‘dancing’ [...]

How to stir fry potato, green pepper and tomato at home with simple Chinese recipe

6. Chinese recipe: Hong Lu Deng (stir fry potato, green pepper, tomato)

红绿灯 Chinese stir fried potato, green pepper and tomato Chinese hong lu deng Ha, ha… If I tell you the meaning of this dish in Chinese, you are going to laugh…. :)) Hong Lv Deng literally means ‘green and red light’ (Hong as red, Lu as green, and deng as light), it normally refers to [...]

how to stir fry potato aubergine and green pepper with simple Chinese recipe

1. Chinese recipe: Di San Xian (Three fresh vegetables)

地三鲜 Chinese Di San Xian Ok, this is the first recipe on this blog: a very popular ‘home’ recipe. :)) It is a veggie dish, in Chinese it is called ‘ Di San Xian’ , literally translated as ‘three fresh vegetable on the ground’. It is a very popular homemade dish in the North East [...]

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