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How to cook Chinese Dry cooked green beans with dried shrimps

66. Chinese Dry cooked green beans with dried shrimps

Chinese dried green beans Before I drew the curtain this evening, saw that almost round, but bright, yellow moon hanging in the dark sky — mid autumn day is coming. (It is a festival in China on 15th Aug of the Chinese calendar). We always say this is the time of the year that we [...]

How to cook potato, green beans at home with simple Chinese recipe

38 Chinese stir fried potato, green beans and carrots

  If the previous tofu salad (liang cai) dish was a ‘super’ quick fix, this one can only be ‘medium’ quick fix. :)) Say around 15 minutes? Chinese “stews” The original version — I mean the very original version,:) is a typical Northeast dish, and the method of making is called ‘Dun’ in Chinese, which is [...]

how to cook green beans simple Chinese recipe

13. Chinese stir fried spicy green beans

–ganbian doujiao (干煸豆角) Chinese spicy green beans Chinese spicy green beans I almost forgot about this dish until, not long ago, we went to a newly opened Chinese restaurant with friends. The restaurant specialises on Beijing and Sichuan regional food. It turned out to be not bad, not exactly the same, but good enough. The [...]

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