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110. Simple recipe: Chinese stir fried garlic bolt with tofu and carrot

> Chinese stir fried garlic bolt with tofu A ‘late night’ recipe. :))) Well, at least, it is late over here in England. And I only just started writing today’s post. What have I been doing the whole day? I blame time passes too fast. A bit reading, a bit housework, a bit writing, a [...]

Commom ingredient: Garlic bolt

> Chinese garlic bolt Image source: http://www.hometownseeds.com/herb-seeds-c-3?zenid=f80c01c47632e02eaacc3043380cf391 Garlic bolt is a very common ingredients in Chinese cuisine. But because it is mostly suitable for simple stir-fried dishes, it is not usually served in big or fancy restaurants. It is also not easy to find here in UK supermarkets. In most Chinese supermarkets, however, you can [...]

Common ingredient: Garlic

Common ingredient: Garlic

  If you have been reading my recipes here, you have probably already seen so many dishes with garlic. As I mentioned in another post, the taste and smell of garlic is used as one of the main influences in Chinese dishes along with ginger and spring onion. Garlic in Chinese Cooking Garlic in Chinese [...]

how to use spring onion ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking

Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cuisine

    Spring onion, ginger and garlic in Chinese cooking Another common way of stir-frying Northeast Chinese dishes is using the taste of spring onions, ginger and garlic to influence the dishes. If you get into any household in North China, you can easily find these three items on the kitchen shelves. Nowadays, people can [...]

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