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61. How to make Chinese steamed bread

  Chinese steamed bred (man tou) 蒸馒头 Chinese Steamed Bread I don’t really know how the name ‘Chinese bread’ was first used when referring to the dish I am introducing today, as it is not really ‘bread’ bread. However, when my friends and I try to explain what Man Tou  is, we always end up [...]

How to make traditional Chinese breakfast Youtiao at home

58.A typical Chinese breakfast: You Tiao

  Chinese you tiao Oil fried strips/sticks 油条 I also call them “Chinese churros”. :)) The way of making the two and the taste of them are very similar. So whenever I could not get Youtiao, I would have churros instead to ease down my desperation. So you can see my emotional attachment towards it. [...]

how to make Chinese noodles at home with soybean paste

50. Chinese noodle recipe: soy bean paste mixed noodles / zha jiang mian

Chinese soy bean paste mixed noodles 炸酱面 Please forgive me if I have been mentioning hot summer too much, Spanish summer is so irresistible to me. It is not only because I always like hot, sunny summer weather, but also this hot air in the day and nice gentle summer evenings all remind me the [...]

how to make Chinese seafood dumplings

47. Chinese seafood dumpling fillings

I am seriously recommending this fresh seafood chinese dumpling filling — if you like seafood! It was only just a try, but came out so tasty! I know I have talked about the san xian filling already, which is normally made with prawns, eggs and garlic chives. Chinese dumplings with seafood fillings This time, however, [...]

39. Chinese flat bread (fa mian bing)

39. Chinese flat bread (fa mian bing)

发面饼 Chinese bread varieties Traditional ‘Chinese bread’ comes across very differently to typical Western bread. What is called in English Chinese bread can actually be two different things: one is steamed bread with raising flour; the other one is light fried bread with plain flour or raising flour. And these two types can also be [...]

How to make simple Chinese egg pancake at home (savory)

22. Chinese egg made flat bread (Ji Dan Bing)

  Chinese egg pancake 鸡蛋饼 Every time mentioning or cooking ‘Jidan bing’ always, always makes me think of my deeply be loved auntie. And that day a few years ago, when I was very sick and sad lying in bed, didn’t want to eat anything, after rejecting all the food she suggested, she went back [...]

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 2)

  Chinese Jiu Cai He zi Ok, keep on making ‘Hezi’. (Continued from Chinese recipe: 21. Garlic chives and prawn Northeast Pastry I ) Making the pastry for Jiucai Hezi As mentioned before, the dough is exactly same as dumplings’. Here, we start by making the pastry sheet. The difference between the pastry sheet of [...]

How to make Chinese bakery with garlic chives

21. Chinese Garlic chives and prawn Pastry (part 1)

Chinese garlic chives pastry —  JiuCai He Zi (韭菜合子) If you have read my post ‘Dumpling introduction’, you probably already know that there is another type of  pastry my mum would cook for our family’s Chinese New Year Eve — here it is “He zi”. Again, I am not sure if this kind of pastry [...]

how to make Chinese dumplings with seafood filling

18. Dumplings with crabmeat filling

  Chinese dumplings with crabmeat filling 蟹肉饺子 (For an introduction to dumplings, see Chinese dumplings, Chinese dumplings.) You probably spotted the different shape of dumplings on the bamboo board in the photo.:)) It is because I have more pastry sheet left than  fillings, so I used two sheets for one dumpling. My auntie taught me [...]

how to make Chinese oven baked shaobing at home

14. Oven baked Chinese bread: Shaobing

  烧饼 — Dianxin from North Chinese shao bing Chinese Shao Bing Shao bing always been one of my all time favourite food. I just love those crunchy layers and the smell of sesame. However, I only just learnt how to make shao bing in very recent years. Since I could not get it  over [...]

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