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Chinese festival food rice balls with fillings

Culture Note: Chinese lantern festival (/Yuan Xiao festival) and the festival food

> 元宵节                                  Today is the last day of Chinese new year celebration, if you haven’t wished ‘happy new year’ yet, do it now. After today, we are in 2012 everyday’s life. :)) Today is 15th of January in Chinese [...]

Chinese Culture note: today is ‘Xiao Nian’ (little new year) !

> Image source:http://photo.xinzhou.org/2009/0118/picture_1161_5.html   Image source:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1376530070 As I said yesterday, today all the Chinese new year celebrations are starting!! In Chinese, today is called ‘Xiao Nian’, which literally means ‘little new year’. It should probably be called ‘pre-new year’ instead. Xiao Nian normally happens 7 days before Chinese new year day; however, different regions, and even different [...]

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

  Chinese egg and beef soup Happy new year!!! O, I am so sorry for not posting often recently, it seems I have been enjoying too much the paellas that my mother-in-law makes, and in my head it is all about the delicious Spanish food right now, I totally forgot about cooking Chinese. But if [...]

how to make Chinese steamed rice cake

Chongyang festival: the flower cake (Chinese steamed cake recipe)

  Chinese steamed cake 重阳花糕   If I were to use Chinese words to describe my state when I was making this cake I would say that  ”there is no bottom in my heart”. Ha… it means I was in a bit of a panic mood and was feeling unsure about this recipe, since this [...]

Making Chinese moon cake at home

Chinese Moon Cake with red bean fillings

Chinese moon cake Making moon cake at home Making moon cake at home? – I never thought I would even dare to try one day. Back home, people would give moon cake as gifts to each other, so they are ‘everywhere’, or if I like particular fillings, then there are too many choices!. Don’t even [...]

How to make Chinese islamic eid food

Chinese culture and food – Eid celebration and Youxiang

Eid Celebrations in China Millions of people in the world have been celebrating Eid these last few days. Eid in China is actually happening today, and Chinese people belonging to nine or ten ethnic groups are celebrating it. Happiness and bliss is for everyone, so happy Eid everyone! For many of us, the celebration of [...]

29. Zongzi for Chinese DuanWu festival

29. Zongzi for Chinese DuanWu festival

Chinese zongzi Happy Duanwu Festival!!  端午节快乐!! ---包粽子 Chinese Zongzi Have you got the ‘five coloured thread’ already? — Juat for the good luck, maybe? :)) Continue from yesterday — making Zongzi today — to feel the involvement of the festival. I have to say — it is really not easy to make it, and sometimes [...]

Culture Note: Chinese DuanWu festival !!

端午节 Oh, sorry I have to skip the weekend recipe today, and talk about this Chinese festival, which will be celebrated in China tomorrow — Duanwu festival, one of the important festivals in China. The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) It is said that Duanwu festival originated over two thousands years ago. Although there are [...]

Chinese culture Chinese children day on 1st June

Children’s day in China

Happy Children’s day everyone! We all have a playful ‘Child’ inside at heart, no? Just forget about all the headaches in grown-up’s world, at least for a few minutes, and go back to the time we used to play childhood games in the yard with little friends —  we are happy, carefree. Sometimes, for a [...]

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