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how to cook shrimps with simple Chinese recipe

134. Chinese soft fried shrimps

Busy, busy… I have been ‘sort of’ really busy with packing, since we have to move house. But saying ‘busy with packing’ is not really exact, rather, ‘busy with digging and tidying up memories’. There are so many things over the years have been kept at the bottom of the drawers, cards, letters, pictures, small [...]

What is the best way to eat instant noodles

Cooking Note: How to cook instant noodles?

  Don’t really trust me saying I like healthy food, and only eat super healthy stuff… There is a bit of a ‘fraud’ in there. Don’t get me wrong, I do have healthy consciousness, but I also like some… let’s say not so healthy food. Here is another confession — I really really really like [...]

Chinese egg pancake recipe

115. Chinese Overlapped egg pancakes

Yesterday, when I was browsing online, by a chance, I came across an article about Chinese food in the ‘Independent’, which, to be honest, was rather disappointing. Well, I mean, Chinese cuisine is very difficult to describe in a few words, or even in a short article. There are huge regional and ethnic differences, not [...]

How to make northeast Chinese hot and sour clear soup

114. Hot and sour soup — Northeast Chinese style (V)

  … Eventually the long Chinese new year celebration is finished. I bet everyone in China is taking a break from all the cooking, eating, visiting, shopping… And the ashes from fireworks are being cleaned up — I always find it bit sad when I see this, just like I don’t really like gatherings, because [...]

How to make steamed Chinese dumplings with marrow, prawns and eggs

111. Steamed dumplings with marrow, prawns, egg and Fensi filling

> steamed dumpling with marrow filling Happy new year!! After three continuous ‘culture notes’ on Chinese new year, let’s come back to talk some ‘real’ stuff — food! :)) As dumpling is the most popular ‘must-have’ food during the Chinese new year celebration, I would like to share more dumpling recipes. However, this recipe is [...]

107. The simplest and most basic: egg fried rice

> Chinese egg fried rice Some friends have already asked me a few times about rice recipes. Some Chinese rice recipes simply combine rice with other grains, like mung beans; but most of the times, rice is stir-fried (an example is the famous Yangzhou fried rice). And all these fried rice dishes originate from the most [...]

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

  Chinese egg and beef soup Happy new year!!! O, I am so sorry for not posting often recently, it seems I have been enjoying too much the paellas that my mother-in-law makes, and in my head it is all about the delicious Spanish food right now, I totally forgot about cooking Chinese. But if [...]

99. Chinese Steamed dumplings with egg pastry

99. Chinese Steamed dumplings with egg pastry

  Chinese egg dumplings Here, in Italy, everywhere is showing Christmas atmosphere — the Christmas lights, shops, people, Christmas markets… I am really enjoying seeing people crowed in the streets, preparing Christmas stocks, and enjoying the festival atmosphere — while searching for my favorite Italian Christmas food for dinner. :)) Are you preparing Christmas gifts [...]

95. Healthy recipe: Chinese bitter gourd omelette (V)

95. Healthy recipe: Chinese bitter gourd omelette (V)

  Chinese bitter gourd omelette We are really starting tasting winter now — it is getting cold. My parents told me that back in my hometown, they are getting heavy snow, the first heavy snow for this winter. On the way back from city centre this afternoon, I even wished if I had a pair [...]

How to cook simple Chinese stir fry egg and tomato recipe

79. Chinese stir fried egg and tomato

Chinese stir fried egg and tomato Stir frying egg together with other ingredients is very common all across China. As I mentioned in my previous post (common ingredient: eggs), (chicken) eggs can be stir fried on their own, with different vegetables, or with certain kinds of fish and meat. I like the combination of egg [...]

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