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How to make Chinese dried bean curd wrap

83. Fried bean curd sheet wraps with vegetable fillings (V)

Chinese bean curd wraps This is not a recipe from North East China, :)) This recipe comes totally from my ‘passion’ towards eating – try to make anything that I can eat. Ha.. The original recipe comes from Cantonese dim sim; the ones in Cantonese restaurants in England are often wrapped with duck mince and [...]

soybeans in Chinese food

Chinese Food Made with Soya

Soya in Chinese Cuisine Soya is an important ingredient in Northeast Chinese cuisine. The nutritional properties of soya have been well-studied. If you think that your soya intake is limited to soya beans themselves, soya milk and tofu, you are wrong :) Actually, there are many different kinds of soya-made food products in North China— [...]

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