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how to make simple Chinese summer dish

13. Summer dish: ‘the big harvest’, vegetables dipped in soybean paste (V)

(Sorry to the dear friends who have subscribed the blog, I know the email does not contain the whole content, rather, you have to click and come the site to view the post. The setting I set is for emailing the full content, but it seems that it is not working as expected. I know [...]

How to make Chinese salad with lily mushroom

129.Chinese salad (Liang cai) with boiled golden (lily) mushroom

There is a children song in China, we all had sung when we were little. It goes like this (in English), ‘looking for a friend, looking for a friend, find a good friend, salute, shake hand…’ We would hold hands make it a circle, and sing this song. One person would start the game by [...]

How to make northeast Chinese hot and sour clear soup

114. Hot and sour soup — Northeast Chinese style (V)

  … Eventually the long Chinese new year celebration is finished. I bet everyone in China is taking a break from all the cooking, eating, visiting, shopping… And the ashes from fireworks are being cleaned up — I always find it bit sad when I see this, just like I don’t really like gatherings, because [...]

how to stir fry cucumber with beef with simple Chinese recipe

91. Chinese stir fried beef with cucumber

Stir fried cucumber and beef 黄瓜炒肉片 Stir frying cucumber— :)) I guess you might be frowning. Well, it is true, this dish does have stir-fried cucumber. And it is not any particular kind of cucumber, it is just the normal cucumbers that you would use in a salad. :) I think this is probably one [...]

How to make green bean starch salad Chinese recipe

Chinese green bean starch salad (liang cai)

(凉拌拉皮) Chinese green bean starch A friend requested this recipe — actually I am very surprised and glad that almost every friend who tried this dish really liked it. Friends have been asking about this for a long time, but I have been lazy, sorry… :)) Chinese green bean starch salad It is an other [...]

Simple Chinese salad recipe with black fungus, cucumber and peanuts

8. Chinese vegetarian recipe: Black fungus and cucumber salad

– Liang cai: Mu’er (black fungus)  & Huanggua (cucumber) 凉菜:木耳拌黄瓜 Chinese black fungus salad I was born in late July, the hottest time in Northeast China, love the sun and the hot, I mean really hot weather. ( At least, I think this the reason why.:)))  When I was in China, every summer, everyone would [...]

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