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How to make Chinese corn flour bread with fillings Chinese recipe

90. A traditional northeast Chinese recipe: steamed corn flour bread with garlic chives filling

Actually, the term ‘bread’ does not quite reflect the original Chinese name. I wonder if there is an easy, more accurate,  translation at all. In Chinese, these are called corn flour ‘tuan zi’, which literally means something like “rolling it up into a ball with fillings in the centre”. In my previous corn flour recipe, I [...]

Cooking note: Corn flour mix for thickening the sauce

Cooking note: Corn flour mix for thickening the sauce

You probably have noticed in many Chinese recipes, especially in stir-fry recipes, it is very common to use corn flour mix (corn flour mix with water or with other seasonings) to thicken the sauce in the wok. I understand that a similar method is used in many Western food recipes as well, but I want [...]

how to make Chinese flatbread with corn flour

74. Chinese Corn flour flatbread

Chinese corn flour flat bread 苞米面饼 Actually, I am not too sure about the translation into English — this is another ‘Bing’ recipe with corn flour, or maybe it can be called ‘corn flour bread’ or ‘corn flour pancake’ in English? Corn flour in Chinese cooking If you mention this corn flour flatbread in China, [...]

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