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Culture Note: The first 5 days of Chinese new year celebration

> Image source:http://sc.chinaz.com/tupian/1640505870.htm When the bell rang midnight 12 o’clock on Chinese new year eve, the celebrations formally started. The traditional celebration normally lasts for 15 days, until the lantern festival on 15th January, Chinese calendar. However, in modern days, the celebration mostly concentrates on the first 5 days, and then finishes with the lantern [...]

Culture note: Chinese new year eve celebration — ‘the Spring festival’ II

> Where should I start? — Food!! The night for Chinese new year is called ‘Tuan Yuan Ye‘, means ‘an evening for everyone to gather together’. The dinner for Chinese new year eve is called ‘tuan yuan fan’, which means that everyone in the family would all gather around the table and eat together. — So, [...]

Culture note: Chinese new year: ‘the Spring festival’ (part I)

> Image source:http://www.nipic.com/show/4/110/4378639k6baf27cf.html :))) Since Chinese New Year is around the corner now, and it is this blog’s first Chinese new year, let’s talk about this important Chinese festival, its traditions and customs. According to Chinese history, the celebration of Chinese new year started during the Xia dynasty, over 4000 years ago. The main celebration [...]

Chinese Culture note: today is ‘Xiao Nian’ (little new year) !

> Image source:http://photo.xinzhou.org/2009/0118/picture_1161_5.html   Image source:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1376530070 As I said yesterday, today all the Chinese new year celebrations are starting!! In Chinese, today is called ‘Xiao Nian’, which literally means ‘little new year’. It should probably be called ‘pre-new year’ instead. Xiao Nian normally happens 7 days before Chinese new year day; however, different regions, and even different [...]

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