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what tea is good for having Chinese meal

What drink to go with Chinese meal?

  I grew up, like many Chinese people, in a ‘tea’ environment. My parents, grandparents, my relatives are all tea drinkers. In the morning, the first thing they would do is to make a pot of tea, they call it ‘grab a tea-cup’,  then start the day. But they normally like red tea, as red [...]

Chinese culture St.Valentine's day in China

Culture note: St. Valentine’s day in China

  Happy St. Valentine’s day!! Well, actually, there is no real ‘St. Valentine’s culture’ in China, but since many friends have asked me whether St. Valentine’s day is celebrated in China, and how people would celebrate it, I thought I would write a shore culture note about it. And in my next post, I will [...]

Chinese festival food rice balls with fillings

Culture Note: Chinese lantern festival (/Yuan Xiao festival) and the festival food

> 元宵节                                  Today is the last day of Chinese new year celebration, if you haven’t wished ‘happy new year’ yet, do it now. After today, we are in 2012 everyday’s life. :)) Today is 15th of January in Chinese [...]

Chinese thin bread for having fillings

Culture Note: Spring Day in China and spring flatbread recipe

  立春 和 春饼的做法 Spring Day is one of the twenty-four “solar terms” in Chinese tradition. It is called ‘Li Chun’, ‘Li’ (4) in traditional Chinese terms means ‘begin’, ‘Chun’ here refers to Spring. It means from this day onwards, the spring is beginning. It is normally on the 4th February each year. Sorry, this [...]

Chinese hot pot recipe

112. Chinese hot-pot! (part IV)

  :)) Promise this is going to be the last Chinese hot-pot post. But you see, we really eat a lot!! Ha… Here you go, it continues from yesterday. Vegetables: Well, vegetables here really just refers to those green leaves, because other vegetables might take longer time to cook, and simply boiling them probably cannot [...]

112. Chinese hot-pot (part III)

> —- What can you cook and eat in the hot-pot? It seems these posts about hot-pot are taking me quite a long time, just like actually eating it. :)) Here you go, another continued post, this time it is about what to ‘cook’ (or ‘rinse’/shuan) in the pot. In general, most kinds of meat, [...]

112. Chinese Hot-pot! (part II)

112. Chinese Hot-pot! (part II)

> — Making the soup base at home So the first 5 days of the Chinese new year celebration have officially finished. Now, until the15th of January in Chinese calendar, people’s greetings are changing from ‘Happy new year’ to ‘how was your new year?’ Or for some people still haven’t wished the ‘happy new year’ [...]

Having Chinese hot pot at home

112. Chinese hot-pot!! (part I)

> – A culture note as well as a recipe Chinese hot pot image source:http://www.tupian99.com/show-4-79-fd9e9e387fea0bb3.html Happy (black) dragon year on the 4th day!! The festival atmosphere seems calming down a bit already over here in Oxford, but back in China, it is still everywhere. My parents over there have been very busy with visiting relatives [...]

Culture Note: The first 5 days of Chinese new year celebration

> Image source:http://sc.chinaz.com/tupian/1640505870.htm When the bell rang midnight 12 o’clock on Chinese new year eve, the celebrations formally started. The traditional celebration normally lasts for 15 days, until the lantern festival on 15th January, Chinese calendar. However, in modern days, the celebration mostly concentrates on the first 5 days, and then finishes with the lantern [...]

Culture note: Chinese new year eve celebration — ‘the Spring festival’ II

> Where should I start? — Food!! The night for Chinese new year is called ‘Tuan Yuan Ye‘, means ‘an evening for everyone to gather together’. The dinner for Chinese new year eve is called ‘tuan yuan fan’, which means that everyone in the family would all gather around the table and eat together. — So, [...]

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