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How to stir fry broccoli with purple onion

119. Simple and healthy recipe: Chinese stir fried red onion with broccoli (V)

This is a recipe from my dad — he has been very supportive, since I started writing this blog. This is a beautiful and healthy dish, simply stir fried red onion with broccoli. My dad has always been very conscious with ‘healthy food’, ha… probably you already heard me talking about this a few times. [...]

how to cook broccoli with simple Chinese recipe

98. A contemporary Chinese broccoli recipe: steamed broccoli (V)

  Chinese broccoli recipe My love towards broccoli actually only started in very recent years.  Well, broccoli was only introduced in northern Chinese cuisine less than twenty years ago anyway. But if I tell you this, you are going to laugh. It all started the time — you know, the time you begin to think [...]

73. Stir fried Japanese tofu and broccoli (V)

73. Stir fried Japanese tofu and broccoli (V)

Japanese tofu and broccoli The hotel we stay is in a residential area of Verona. When we make our way to city centre everyday, we need to go through a few streets with a local cinema, a few local primary and middle schools, and a convent where we can often see some monks and nuns [...]

How to cook broccoli and beef Chinese recipe

49. Chinese Stir-fried broccoli and beef

  Chinese stir fried broccoli and beef 西兰花炒牛肉 If you want to cook a meat dish and you don’t have too much time after work, stir-frying probably is the best and quickest way. No need of boiling the meat for hours in a pot, or preparing the “wrappings” for deep frying. Broccoli and Beef in [...]

how to cook broccoli, cauliflower Chinese recipe

4. Chinese Stir fried cauliflower and broccoli

Chinese stir fried cauliflower and broccoli 炒菜花、西兰花 A friend mentioned about me cooking Chinese vegan food :)) … well, lots to come… Couple of days ago, I was too lazy to move out from the sofa, until dinner time came, I got left with very little time to prepare, so I did a ‘quick fix’ :), [...]

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