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139. Xihu niurou geng (‘West lake’ beef soup)

  Ok, I remembered the password eventually! Yeah! Well, with the help from my husband. To be exact, I actually forgot where the login page is, so, of course, the user name and password did not work. Blame my baby brain! You don’t want to know how many things I could simply forget nowadays. So [...]

how to cook small potatoes with Chinese recipe

138. Small potatoes boiled in soya sauce

small potatoes boiled in soya sauce Do you remember I said that I really miss that morning — in summer, an early morning, very early morning, the sun would shines onto my face, my body, I woke up with some ‘lazy’ sweat, I could hear birds singing, soon after, the venders came with their carriers, [...]

How to make steamed beef with simple Chinese recipe

135. Chinese Steamed beef slices

As if everything comes back to what was like before…  Eventually, after a few days of intensively packing, the flat looks empty now, apart from our moving boxes piled up around the corner. All the contents inside are sitting quietly waiting to move with us, where we are going to start new memories.  When we [...]

how to make Chinese spicy beef recipe

126. Chinese boiled beef in (spicy) sauce

水煮牛肉 Our corridor is filled up with ‘moving in’ noise. After our dearest friend Mag moved back to France, her flat was empty for a couple of weeks, then since yesterday, the new neighbors have started moving in. The flat still stays the same, but the people are different now…Talking about changes — no, I [...]

How to cook black fungus at home simple Chinese recipe

123. Simple Chinese recipe: stir fried black fungus (mu’er) and beef slices

  (Firstly, I am sorry to all the friends who have subscribed to this blog. Because of the change in hosting space, the subscribe link has been broken for some time. Let’s hope we fixed it. ) You know what I have found recently an amazing experience in life is  — feeling a life in you! [...]

How to make Chinese style beef jerky at home

118. Chinese snack: dried beef (Chinese style beef jerky)

Rarely stay in London late, and this time, we stayed in a quite central area, so we had chance to experience the late night London. Oh, gosh, how long I haven’t felt this — noise, crowd, flashing colourful lights… After dinner, we decided to go for a walk — well, you cannot resist it anyway, [...]

how to make Chinese meat mince ball with leaves

109. Chinese soup: Meat balls and Chinese leaves soup

  Chinese soup with meat balls and leaves Normally I would leave this kind of dish for the weekend, but since we are in Chinese new year time, every dish is a ‘weekend’ dish, no? Ha… Just spoil ourselves. And don’t worry about putting on weight, next month, I am thinking of sharing some of [...]

How to make Chinese flat bread with beef mince fillings featured Chinese recipe

105. Chinese bakery recipe: ‘open mouth’ flat bread with fillings

  Chinese flatbread Having a very warm Christmas and new years seems unreal — here is Valencia! In the morning, when I opened the curtains, the whole window was filled with blue colour, blue from the sky, not even a thread of cloud, and underneath, the buildings and streets are all brighting up in the [...]

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

103. A special Chinese egg recipe: cooking egg with beef soup

  Chinese egg and beef soup Happy new year!!! O, I am so sorry for not posting often recently, it seems I have been enjoying too much the paellas that my mother-in-law makes, and in my head it is all about the delicious Spanish food right now, I totally forgot about cooking Chinese. But if [...]

how to cook beef with aubergine stew Chinese recipe

100. A typical Northeast Chinese dish: “mess stew” with beef, tomato, aubergine and potato

  As I was writing this post,  I realized that this my 100th recipe. :) I remember when I started writing, I was very worried if I was going to run out of recipes very shortly, but, hey, this is the number 100 now. :)) So thanks for my friends’ and family’s encouragement, and hope [...]

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