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how to cook Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Chinese recipe

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu (V)

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu Opened the blinds this morning, autumn has spread the whole yard, yellow and red leaves are covering the whole walls and the grass — how beautiful! Although there was no sun, the red, yellow, orange and green (yes, there is still a little green colour left) colour are composing a [...]

How to stir fry mixed mushroom Chinese recipe

80. Chinese mushroom recipe: stir fried mixed mushrooms (V)

Chinese mixed mushrooms I have to confess that I never really liked mushrooms, especially those usually called ‘Chinese mushrooms’, which have a ‘thick’ and a bit ‘meaty’ texture. Well, it is probably because in Chinese cuisine, this kind of mushrooms are always cooked with meat; for example, the most famous such dishes is ‘mushroom and [...]

How to stir fry sweet corn in Chinese recipe

75. A sweet corn recipe: Chinese stir fried sweet corn and pine nuts

  Chinese stir fried corn and pine nuts 松仁玉米 It sounds funny, I have never been a big fan of sweet corn, but I like it, like to hold it, like to smell it after being grilled. Well, I can’t really have much corn anyway, because my stomach sometimes aches after having it. But, I [...]

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