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how to make simple Chinese summer dish

13. Summer dish: ‘the big harvest’, vegetables dipped in soybean paste (V)

(Sorry to the dear friends who have subscribed the blog, I know the email does not contain the whole content, rather, you have to click and come the site to view the post. The setting I set is for emailing the full content, but it seems that it is not working as expected. I know [...]

How to stir fry aubergine with simple Chinese recipe

125. Aubergine cooked in soybean paste sauce (V)

酱茄子 I guess it is normal that you have to go through changes in life, as different stages of life require different things. I actually like changes … small changes though, like moving around the furnitures in the house, redecorate the rooms, change the style of the cloth by own sewing machine, oh, and changing [...]

how to make simple crispy aubergine

108. Chinese crispy fried aubergine (V)

> Simple homemade crispy aubergine 炸茄排 Cold, cold!! This morning, when I opened the blinds, the grass and the trees, even the walls in the garden were all covered by a layer of frost — it reminded me of a winter back my home town just after snow, light snow. But the sun was out, [...]

how to cook beef with aubergine stew Chinese recipe

100. A typical Northeast Chinese dish: “mess stew” with beef, tomato, aubergine and potato

  As I was writing this post,  I realized that this my 100th recipe. :) I remember when I started writing, I was very worried if I was going to run out of recipes very shortly, but, hey, this is the number 100 now. :)) So thanks for my friends’ and family’s encouragement, and hope [...]

How to make aubergine potato with Chinese recipe

72. Chinese Steamed aubergine and potato mixed with soybean paste (V)

Chinese steamed aubergine with potato and soybean paste 酱拌茄子、土豆 What a surprise — summer came back for one more week, just when I already accepted that autumn is starting!! We thought we were coming to Italy for an extended summer, :)) but could not predict that Oxford would become so warm in the end of [...]

How to stir fry aubergine Chinese recipe

43. Chinese stir fried shredded aubergine

  I was just thinking to start my whole Chinese food summer recipes, but, today… cloudy, raining, no sun… :( I just try to think it is summer cloud, summer rain — then, it is romantic to have days like this in hot summer, no? :)))  Today, it is another aubergine dish — if you [...]

how to make pickled aubergine salad Chinese recipe

26. Chinese pickled aubergine salad

  Chinese aubergine salad 腌蒜茄子/凉拌茄子 It is not much of a recipe for a ‘Holiday dining table’ :)), but, it is a really nice side dish if you are having Chinese dinner. Pickled vegetables in Northern China Pickled vegetables are very common side dishes in North China, especially in winter in old days when there [...]

how to cook aubergine with stuffed beef mince Chinese recipe

15. Chinese fried stuffed aubergine with beef mince (Zha qie he)

炸茄合 Chinese aubergine with beef mince As requested by a good friend, I made this dish, and here is the recipe. – Another aubergine dish, this time is with meat mince. And it is another very homemade Chinese dish, not easy to find in restaurants. It takes slightly longer to prepare… so good for the [...]

how to cook aubergine with seafood with Chinese recipe

9. Chinese stir fried Aubergine and seafood

Chinese aubergine and seafood (/meat free mince for V option) (Haixian qiezi) 海鲜茄子 Love aubergine, all kinds of ways of cooking it. :) We normally do shopping for fruit and vegetables in a small market in North Oxford on Saturdays; the sellers already know us well, and they always give us very good ‘offers’. Last [...]

how to stir fry potato aubergine and green pepper with simple Chinese recipe

1. Chinese recipe: Di San Xian (Three fresh vegetables)

地三鲜 Chinese Di San Xian Ok, this is the first recipe on this blog: a very popular ‘home’ recipe. :)) It is a veggie dish, in Chinese it is called ‘ Di San Xian’ , literally translated as ‘three fresh vegetable on the ground’. It is a very popular homemade dish in the North East [...]

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