Chinese rice recipes

Tofu fried rice (Vegan)

Boiled rice

The simplest and most basic: egg fried rice

Mung bean rice

Flour-based Chinese recipes

Chinese bakery

Chongyang festival: the flower cake (Chinese steamed cake recipe)

Chinese Moon Cake with red bean fillings

Chinese flat bread (Bing)

Chinese layered flat bread — homemade Jin Bing (V)

Chinese flat bread with scallion — Cong You Bing (V)

Corn flour flatbread — Chinese recipe (V)

‘open mouth’ flat bread with fillings

Chinese steamed bread

Chinese steamed corn flour bread with garlic chives filling

Steamed Creamy Custard Bun / Nai huang bao

Steamed plain bread / Mantou

Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (with vegetable fillings)

Fried bread

A typical Chinese breakfast: You Tiao

Chinese Noodles

Noodle recipe: A simple traditional Chinese noodle recipe

A different kind of Chinese noodles: Flat noodle sheet soup

Soy bean paste mixed noodles / zha jiang mian

Chinese da lu mian

Chinese Dumplings

Introduction to Chinese dumplings

Dumpling filling – three ‘fresh seafood’


Won ton soup I (The pastry sheet and filling)

Won ton soup II (folding, boiling and serving)

Chinese soup recipes

A northeast Chinese soup recipe: eggs with tomato and seaweed (V)

Marrow, prawn and ‘Fen si’ (Cellophane noodles) clear soup

A different kind of Chinese noodles: Flat noodle sheet soup

Healthy recipe: lamb and radish soup

Meat balls and Chinese leaves soup

Chinese Vegetable Dishes

Stir-fried shredded potato (V)

Fried crispy aubergine (V)

Hot and spicy pot (Ma La Tang) II (V)

A contemporary Chinese broccoli recipe: steamed broccoli (V)

Stewed Chinese style sauerkraut pickled Chinese leaves with frozen tofu (V) (V)

Healthy recipe: bitter gourd omelet (V)

stir fry celery and almond (V)

Chinese Steamed aubergine and potato mixed with soybean paste (V)

Chinese Courgette salad recipe (V)

Stir fried Japanese tofu and broccoli (V)

A sweet corn recipe: Chinese stir fried sweet corn and pine nuts (V)

Chinese stir fried egg and tomato

Chinese mushroom recipe: stir fried mixed mushrooms (V)

Fried bean curd sheet wraps with vegetable fillings (V)

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu (V)

Fried red pepper with soyabean paste sauce (optional) (V)

Fried bean curd sheet wraps with vegetable fillings (V)

Stewed Chinese leaves with tofu (V)

Chinese Stir fried spicy and sour cabbage (V)

Stir fry potato, green beans and carrots

Di San Xian

Pickled aubergines

Tofu and spinach salad

Spring onion tofu salad

Dried bean curd sheet salad / liang cai

Stir fry soybeans with tofu and carrot

Stir fried dried bean curd with green pepper

Five spice adame beans

Hong Lu Deng

Stir fry cauliflower and broccoli (quick fix)

Vegetarian stir fry cauliflower

Black fungus and cucumber salad

Tofu with sesame sauce

Quick fix: stir fry green beans (Spicy)

Chinese Dry cooked green beans with dried shrimps

Green bean starch chinese salad

Quick fix- stir fry Mu’er and eggs

Steamed eggs/ ji dan geng

Stir fry bean sprouts

Stir fry mange-tout

Stir fry Chinese leaves with vinegar and sugar (spicy)

liangcai / salad recipe: seaweed with garlic (V)

‘guo ta’ tofu with spinach filling –(V)

Tofu nao (V) – home made tofu with sauce

stir-fry shredded potato with green pepper (V)

stir fry scrambled eggs with asparagus (V)

radish salad

stir fry shredded aubergine (V)

Tea eggs

stir fry marrow and potato (V)

stir fry Romaine lettuce (Spicy)

stir fry Lily (roots), black fungus, and celery

Chinese Stir fried spicy and sour cabbage (V)

Chinese fish and seafood recipes

Fried fish ball with Chinese leaves salad

Simple stir fried prawns

Chinese fish recipe: Sole cooked in soybean paste

Pan fried fish (Liu Yu Pian)

Oven cooked fish in Chinese sauce

Stir fried Aubergine and seafood

Homemade stir -fry squid

Stir fry baby squid and celery recipe (spicy)

Chinese egg recipes

cooking egg with beef soup

Chinese Steamed dumplings with egg pastry

Healthy recipe: bitter gourd omelette (V)

Chinese stir fried egg and tomato

Chinese stir fried egg and tomato

Northeast Chinese soup with eggs, tomato and seaweed (V)

Chinese tea eggs

Chinese steamed eggs/ ji dan geng

Chinese egg made flat bread (Ji Dan Bing)

Chinese meat dishes


A typical Northeast Chinese dish — “mess stew” with beef, tomato, aubergine and potato

Steamed dumplings with egg pastry (beef mince filling)

Stir fry beef with cucumber

Four-Joy Meatballs (Meat Balls Braised with Brown Sauce) / Si xi wan zi

Chinese beef recipe: article beef slice — Pa rou tiao

Chinese Braised / stewed / red-cooked beef with potato and carrot (part I)

Chinese Braised / stewed / red-cooked beef with potato and carrot (part II)

Fried stuffed aubergine

Crispy beef (Guo bao rou)

Soy Sauce Beef Salad

stir -fry broccoli and beef


Dry cooked crispy lamb — Shao yangrou

Stir fried spring onion with lamb slice

Spicy lamb pot

(fried) lamb pieces on toothpicks / Ya qian rou

Oven grilled lamb leg


Stir fry liver with green pepper and carrot

Homemade Chinese snack recipes

Making Soy beans as snack or as side dish

Five spices monkey nuts

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