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137. Three threads salad (chicken strips salad)

Hey, my first ‘come back’ recipe! Should have posted it earlier, but… have been sick. This stupid winter cold has caught me up, and lasted forever. So, take care, everyone, it is really nasty!! If you are having fever, try some Chinese cold remedy, actually, I have a post here which I wrote long time [...]

how to make simple Chinese summer dish

13. Summer dish: ‘the big harvest’, vegetables dipped in soybean paste (V)

(Sorry to the dear friends who have subscribed the blog, I know the email does not contain the whole content, rather, you have to click and come the site to view the post. The setting I set is for emailing the full content, but it seems that it is not working as expected. I know [...]

How to make sorghum rice with Chinese recipe

130. Summer rice recipe: sorghum rice

高粱米饭   I am definitely a ‘worrier’ — a typical, you know, ‘that kind of ‘ person, who thinks too much and worries about things that one should never need to worry about. Although I have been trying to keep it under control, it does come as ‘waves’, sometimes it comes stronger and lasts longer, [...]

How to make Chinese salad with lily mushroom

129.Chinese salad (Liang cai) with boiled golden (lily) mushroom

There is a children song in China, we all had sung when we were little. It goes like this (in English), ‘looking for a friend, looking for a friend, find a good friend, salute, shake hand…’ We would hold hands make it a circle, and sing this song. One person would start the game by [...]

How to make bean jelly salad with simple Chinese recipe

125. Summer dish: Bean jellies salad (V)

凉粉   The weather has been so bad over here in the past … 2 weeks? — At least. … I know if you are reading here, you must be laughing at me, and saying that I turned to be English — talking about weather all the time. But the dark, heavy, low clouds have [...]

How to make aubergine potato with Chinese recipe

72. Chinese Steamed aubergine and potato mixed with soybean paste (V)

Chinese steamed aubergine with potato and soybean paste 酱拌茄子、土豆 What a surprise — summer came back for one more week, just when I already accepted that autumn is starting!! We thought we were coming to Italy for an extended summer, :)) but could not predict that Oxford would become so warm in the end of [...]

How to make green bean starch salad Chinese recipe

Chinese green bean starch salad (liang cai)

(凉拌拉皮) Chinese green bean starch A friend requested this recipe — actually I am very surprised and glad that almost every friend who tried this dish really liked it. Friends have been asking about this for a long time, but I have been lazy, sorry… :)) Chinese green bean starch salad It is an other [...]

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