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How to cook Chinese article beef slices in its own sauce

81. Chinese beef recipe: article beef slice — Pa rou tiao

Chinese beef slice 扒肉条 Actually, before sitting down for writing this post, I had just hung up the phone, finished a very unpleasant ‘discussion’ with a taxi company; the taxi driver charged 50% more than what we would normally pay. I am sorry if this start of the post makes you frown, but what I [...]

how to make Chinese steamed rice cake

Chongyang festival: the flower cake (Chinese steamed cake recipe)

  Chinese steamed cake 重阳花糕   If I were to use Chinese words to describe my state when I was making this cake I would say that  ”there is no bottom in my heart”. Ha… it means I was in a bit of a panic mood and was feeling unsure about this recipe, since this [...]

Making Chinese moon cake at home

Chinese Moon Cake with red bean fillings

Chinese moon cake Making moon cake at home Making moon cake at home? – I never thought I would even dare to try one day. Back home, people would give moon cake as gifts to each other, so they are ‘everywhere’, or if I like particular fillings, then there are too many choices!. Don’t even [...]

65. Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part III)

Chinese baozi This morning when I opened window, a fresh but a bit chilly air blowed in, that was autumn air, autumn refreshing wind, suddenly felt like my ‘summer laziness’ gone, and the fresh autumn just gave me a new start. I took a deep breathe. Autumn is beautiful. Just when I enjoyed coolness and [...]

65.Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part II)

  Chinese baozi in steamer The sun broke through in the afternoon, it was so bright, I suddenly felt that I had to go out – being in the sun, after all I have been missing it for a few days. So I found myself a little excuse – need to buy my mum a [...]

How to cook Chinese bao zi steamed bread with filling

65.Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part I)

Chinese baozi Time is so fast, the weekend has just past, and also we are already in September. Where is the time gone? Probably I should give up the hope that summer might come around again, instead, hope for a lovely autumn. But now, it is the best time in Northeast China in terms of [...]

61. How to make Chinese steamed bread

  Chinese steamed bred (man tou) 蒸馒头 Chinese Steamed Bread I don’t really know how the name ‘Chinese bread’ was first used when referring to the dish I am introducing today, as it is not really ‘bread’ bread. However, when my friends and I try to explain what Man Tou  is, we always end up [...]

How to make traditional Chinese breakfast Youtiao at home

58.A typical Chinese breakfast: You Tiao

  Chinese you tiao Oil fried strips/sticks 油条 I also call them “Chinese churros”. :)) The way of making the two and the taste of them are very similar. So whenever I could not get Youtiao, I would have churros instead to ease down my desperation. So you can see my emotional attachment towards it. [...]

how to cook Chinese tea eggs

43. Chinese tea eggs

茶鸡蛋 Oh, after a sunny morning, clouds shadowed the sky, now the sun is back again. Love the summer feeling… Are you going for a picnic? — If so, I recommend tea eggs for your basket! :) It is definitely a treat for me — I love them. They are not difficult to make, only [...]

how to make Chinese wonton at home

36. Won ton soup (folding, boiling and serving)

Continued from yesterday’s post on Chinese wontons . Hope you are not tired of reading about wonton soup Northeast style… we are only half way through. :) Fun ? :) Folding the wontons I really should call it folding, it is different to wrapping the dumplings . :)) — Place the filling in the middle, [...]

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