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How to cook dry crispy lamb Chinese recipe

96. Chinese lamb recipe: Dry cooked crispy lamb — Shao yangrou

  Chinese shao yang rou   Hey! Say something cheerful — I had my first ever Christmas turkey last night! I never had Christmas turkey before, as I said that when my friend Zhenya used to cook me Christmas dinner, she knew that I was never a fan of turkey, or any kinds of meat, [...]

how to stir fry cucumber with beef with simple Chinese recipe

91. Chinese stir fried beef with cucumber

Stir fried cucumber and beef 黄瓜炒肉片 Stir frying cucumber— :)) I guess you might be frowning. Well, it is true, this dish does have stir-fried cucumber. And it is not any particular kind of cucumber, it is just the normal cucumbers that you would use in a salad. :) I think this is probably one [...]

How to cook Meat Balls Braised with Brown Sauce Chinese recipe

88. Four-Joy Chinese Meatballs (Meat Balls Braised with Brown Sauce)

Chinese meat balls Another not so simple simple, but very traditional recipe. It seems that I am very hard-working after all. Ha… After having continuously cooked in the kitchen on Friday and Saturday, I have so many recipes to share. :)) I normally cook a lot of vegetable dishes for our daily meals, but since [...]

How to cook Chinese article beef slices in its own sauce

81. Chinese beef recipe: article beef slice — Pa rou tiao

Chinese beef slice 扒肉条 Actually, before sitting down for writing this post, I had just hung up the phone, finished a very unpleasant ‘discussion’ with a taxi company; the taxi driver charged 50% more than what we would normally pay. I am sorry if this start of the post makes you frown, but what I [...]

how to cook liver simple Chinese recipe

A Chinese liver recipe: Stir fried liver with green pepper and carrots

  Chinese stir fried liver As I have mentioned before, I have never been a big fan of meat or organ meat, but liver is an exception, the only exception. Not only that, there are only two ways of cooking liver that I would happily eat — liver salad and this stir fried liver pieces. [...]

how to cook beef with Chinese recipe

68. Chinese Braised / stewed / red-cooked beef with potato and carrot (part II)

Chinese braised beef 红烧牛肉 (Continues from yesterday) As I mentioned yesterday, there are many slightly different ‘hongshao’ recipes, this is only just one of them. The taste is really good, unexpectedly good, even for somebody like me – never a big fan of meat. Hope you like it too. :)) Ingredients: Beef. (I used 350g). [...]

How to cook red cooked beef Chinese recipe

68. Chinese Braised / stewed / red-cooked beef with potato and carrot (part I)

Chinese braised beef I am actually a bit reluctant to call this dish ‘braised’ or ‘stewed’, I am not sure how to call it in English, so I looked it up online. The original name for it in Chinese is ‘hong shao rou’, literately means ‘red burning meat’. The actual  way in which it is [...]

65. Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part III)

Chinese baozi This morning when I opened window, a fresh but a bit chilly air blowed in, that was autumn air, autumn refreshing wind, suddenly felt like my ‘summer laziness’ gone, and the fresh autumn just gave me a new start. I took a deep breathe. Autumn is beautiful. Just when I enjoyed coolness and [...]

65.Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part II)

  Chinese baozi in steamer The sun broke through in the afternoon, it was so bright, I suddenly felt that I had to go out – being in the sun, after all I have been missing it for a few days. So I found myself a little excuse – need to buy my mum a [...]

How to cook Chinese bao zi steamed bread with filling

65.Bao zi: A Chinese steamed bread with fillings (part I)

Chinese baozi Time is so fast, the weekend has just past, and also we are already in September. Where is the time gone? Probably I should give up the hope that summer might come around again, instead, hope for a lovely autumn. But now, it is the best time in Northeast China in terms of [...]

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